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How To Fix Bioshock: The Collection Performance Issues On PS4 Pro & Xbox One X

Poor frame rates, screen tearing issues

Are you facing performance issues with Bioshock: The Collection on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X? Issues like poor fps, screen tearing, etc. Fps drops is a big issue and in this guide, we discuss on resolving Bioshock The Collection performance issues on PS4 and Xbox One X.

Trick to improve Bioshock: The Collection FPS on consoles?


Turning off a few settings in the game’s graphic section can help. It will enhance the frame rate and resolve the performance issue of the game on Xbox One and PS4. You will have to look for the option that to some extent might be available. But chances are you might not see this on Xbox One or older consoles.

Disabling Vertical Sync and decreasing texture resolution are the two important changes that fix Bioshock: The Collection performance issue on Xbox One X and PS4. These two options can be found in the game graphic settings. However, if you are unable to see them then you will have to wait for a patch.

Poor fps is not a wide issue, only some users have reported facing issue with game graphics. Years ago PS4 and Xbox One owners have reported technical glitches that lead bad output, where the game promises a 1080p resolution @ 60fps. This was targeted for all three titles and later when tested out it fell short on the performance and audio quality part.


BioShock: The Collection is released back for Nintendo Switch recently and is also available for console and PC platform. So if you are dealing with poor fps, artifacts, screen tearing issues try to check the game video setting, and turn on options like Vsync, lower texture resolution will help. You can optimize the settings on PC more compared to the console where customizations are limited.

Will soon update more on the bugs and errors on BioShock: The Collection.