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Biomutant: How To Fix Mekton Not Spawning Bug?

If Mekton is not spawning in Biomutant, you need search in a different area. Check the guide to find exact Mekton spawn location.

Mekton is the ultimate vehicle to have in Biomitant to go through the Hypoxia-loaded environments of the Deadzone in Biomutant. But what is the point if Mekton does not spawn when called for in Biomutant. It will give your character resistance and allow it to survive easily in these hazardous zones, given you get it before your Hypoxia percentage gets dangerous. There have been certain reports that they cannot Spawn Mekton when you need them in Biomitant, so here is how to fix that glitch:

How to Fix Mekton Not Spawning in Biomutant?


Biomutant Mekton Not Spawning

Mekton spawns in Deadzone only and no other place in Biomutant. So if you are trying to get it in any other location of the game, you will not be successful. But if you are trying to spawn your Mekton in the Deadzone and it still won’t spawn, the reason is that there is not enough space for it to land. The Mekton vehicle is heavy and huge. So what the players can try is to go to a relatively open area in the Deadzone with little hurdles and try calling for it there. Calling it anywhere indoors or areas that have walls around, in general, will refrain it from spawning.

So as soon as you land in the Deadzone, see for spaces that are hurdle-free. For example, check the picture below of the Deadzone. The bottom left and the top right corners will be the best places to spawn your Mekton. The middle location has enclosed spaces and uneven grounds so that area might not work.


Deadzone Biomutant

There is a possibility that the game may have a glitch with regards to the Mekton spawn. But the above method usually works for us and is not really a glitch as such. So that is all for our guide on how to fix the Mekton not spawning bug. If you would like to know how to survive Hypoxia Zones in the game, we have an article o that too for you to check out.