The next big opportunities for Indian eSports

Here is our Exclusive coverage of with big opportunities for Indian eSports by Yash Pariani, Founder & CEO, of House of Gaming.

The next big opportunities for Indian eSports

With Indian youth proactively participating in mainstream gaming, the Esports industry in India is flourishing. It has now become a frontier for gamers to prove their mettle in organized tournaments happening locally and globally. Niko Partners’ report on the Indian Esports industry stated that the industry earned $22.3 million in revenue in 2022. Additionally, the Indian government formally recognized eSports as a sport in 2022, putting it on an even playing field with traditional sports.

It states that gaming in India has gained ground and is now a competitive and organized sector. With a growing market, the emergence of new technologies, and rapid adoption by the youth, the future of eSports in India looks bright, and new big opportunities are on the way.

User base to surge

According to Nielsen’s India Internet Report 2023, India has the second-largest internet user base in the world, with over 700 million active users. This enormous user base offers a favorable environment for the development of eSports. India will have 420 million gamers in 2022, and it is predicted that number will rise to over 500 million by 2025. This increase in participation presents a huge opportunity for game developers, sponsors, and organizers to capitalize on this sizable market and create localized content, host competitions, and support a thriving eSports community. According to a report by Ernst & Young titled “Ready.Set.Game On,” India is expected to experience one of the fastest increases in eSports viewership and revenue, growing fourfold to INR 1,100 crore by 2025.

New career avenues to emerge

Numerous young people have already chosen the booming Indian video gaming industry as a career. The future generation is likely to select it successfully as a full-fledged career given the industry’s current rate of change. The demand for an educated and professional workforce is increasing quickly, along with the gaming and eSports industries. There will be a number of new, attractive professional prospects in gaming and animation development, as well as in analysis, scripting, asset creation, and constructing a solid basis to advance the sector. Esports industry is expected to generate more than 11,000 direct and indirect jobs in India by 2025, according to an EY analysis. Professionals like game developers, designers, programmers, and 3D artists will be in high demand in this field.

More sponsorships and brand collaborations

More sponsorships and brand collaborations

Owing to the popularity of Esports in India, brands from a variety of sectors are supporting e-sports competitions across the nation. Brands are more confident about supporting Esports competitions and working with game content producers. Similar to how they do for many other sports, new sponsorships, and branding agreements are expected to bring in a significant amount of money for Esports. According to an EY analysis, sponsorship and syndication revenue from tournaments would probably double to more than Rs 3.5 billion at a CAGR of 45% by FY 25. Brands that connect themselves with the enthusiasm and energy of eSports will gain exposure to an extremely engaged, influential, and developing industry by working with eSports teams, hosting tournaments, and sponsoring players.

All things considered

The Esports industry in India is only now beginning to get traction, and the nation possesses all the required elements to make this industry successful on a worldwide scale, the key one being that we have one of the largest gaming populations in the world. Additionally, the recent inclusion of Esports in the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and the Indian government’s designation of it as a “multi-sport event” has given the sector a much-needed boost.

This is a big milestone for the eSports landscape, as it now has the government’s backing to expand and advance in India. As of right now, India is scheduled to compete in the AIMAG 2025, the Olympics Esports Week, and the Asian Games (Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games) 2023. With what appears to be a promising prognosis for the sector, Esports is unquestionably positioned to soar to greater heights in the future with multiple lucrative opportunities.