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How To Do A Bicycle Kick In FIFA 23

Learn to score a flashy goal with a bicycle kick in FIFA 23.

If you want to learn how to do a bicycle kick in FIFA 23, then you’re at the right place. There are many flashy moves that allow you to flaunt your skills but none come close to scoring a goal with a bicycle kick. In FIFA, you can perform one yourself. Though it’s a bit tricky, we promise it’s not as tough to do as in real life.

How to Perform a Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23

Use flair trait to perform a bicycle kick

To perform a bicycle kick in FIFA 23, position yourself under a high pass and hold L2 + Circle for PS or LT + B button for Xbox. You won’t need any skill moves to perform this kick. However, this kick falls under the “Flair Shot” category. So to have a higher chance of successfully performing it is to use a player with the Flair trait. The L2 or LT buttons trigger the flair mechanic through which you can perform flashy moves.

Tips to Score a Goal with Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23

Here are the best tips to score a goal with a bicycle kick to clear an objective:

  • Pass the ball in the air with the following combination:
    • Playstation: Hold L1 + Square
    • Xbox: Hold LB + X
  • Check the position of the player before passing the cross. Or use the Sombrero Flick to do it with the same player.
  • Make sure that the player performing the bicycle kick does not have any defenders around him. The defenders will clear the ball before you can perform it.
  • Avoid corners to perform this trick as it is much more difficult to score. However, if you want to try, select the player closest to you and the goal.
  • And last but not the least, practice till you get it right. The timing can be a bit tricky but with practice, you can get it just right.

That’s all from us on how to do Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23. For more such content like How to Hit a Penalty Kick, make sure you visit our FIFA 23 guides.