Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Download: How To Install And Play

Here's all that is known about the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date and how to download it to get early access.

Want to access Battlefield 2042 early and jump into this first-person shooter’s war-torn world? Well, you can download and play the open beta which will give you an idea of the game before its official launch/release. BF 2042 is releasing on November 19, 2021 so in this article, we will take a look at the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date and more.

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Dates

bf 2042 open beta release date early access

The game was going to enter its open beta phase in September 2021. But now it will be available from October 6 to 9, 2021. From October 6-7, players get early access and from October 8-9, all players can join the fun.

How to Download & Play Battlefield 2042 Open Beta

If you pre-order BF 2042, you can unlock early access to the open beta. But if you don’t want early access and just want to try out the open beta normally, all you have to do is find the beta on your platform’s store and download it for free. When more details are revealed by EA, we will update this guide.

BF 2042 Beta Download Size

Note that the download size of the Battlefield 2042 beta will be 100GB so ensure that you have enough space for it beforehand.

How to Unlock BF 2042 Early Access

If you buy the Gold or Ultimate editions of Battlefield 2042, the game will get released on November 12th, 2021 for you. So, if you want to play the launched game a week earlier, you have to shell out money for the aforementioned editions. It will cost you a minimum of $100.

The beta was supposed to come out in September, but it got delayed because the game’s launch has also been delayed from October 22nd to November 19th. Let’s wait and watch how this game is going to blow our minds.

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