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Beyond Blue Launches Today on PS4, Xbox One & PC; Launch Trailer Released

IGN has kicked off its Summer of Gaming event starting June 11, 2020. As expected, many games were announced. Among them is Beyond Blue.

If the concept of the game reminds of Abzû, the adventure of Beyond Blue is more educational. It is indeed a question here of exploring the seabed through a narrative adventure. The soundtrack of the title seems to be relaxing, and is a real call to relaxation.

Beyond Blue has also just received the launch trailer, revealed exclusively at IGN Summer of Gaming. With its debut scheduled for June 11, in this game players take on the role of Mirai, a scientist and explorer of the ocean, in an underwater adventure that shows all the beauty of the depths.

Through 8 different dives, players will get to know the virgin depths of the ocean and use cutting-edge technology to track and interact with marine animals.

With a luxurious cast, Beyond Blue has actors who have already participated in recognized films and series, such as Hotel Rwanda, Babylon 5, Toy Story 4, Black Sails, and Lost. To this is added a soundtrack of great quality, with songs of Miles Davis, The Flaming Lips, The Edisons, among others.

In addition to all the mysteries to discover, there are 16 original mini-documentaries featuring interviews with marine scientists and biologists. Beyond Blue is an individual narrative adventure that takes you deep into the blue heart of our planet. Join a new research team and use innovative technologies to see, hear, and interact with the ocean in a more revealing way than ever.

Beyond Blue will release today on June 11 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam for $19.99. Check the launch trailer below.