Beware – NPC’s Can Steal Your Weapons In Fallout 76

By Raaj
2 Min Read

Fallout 76 is back in the news with its unique game-breaking bug or in other word the NPC “AI” that will shock you. Recent Wastelander’s Update that was out on March 26, 2020, is doing things no one expected. A shocker is NPC’s stealing weapons if you die in the game. It has been reported by some players on Reddit claiming this bug is active and it is best not to use your rare if you are on the verge of dying.

Reddit User Lizardinosaurus posted the bug claiming his shotgun with 2k 5mm ammo was looted by the NPC. It is still unclear how many other players have gone through the same issue. After dying the NPC spotted to be stealing the weapons from the player along with all the ammo. In such an event it is advisable to avoid using rare weapons. Losing them will be heartbreaking.

Another problem with the bug is that you cannot kill the NPC to get your weapon back. If this was possible, there was a hope to get back your precious items in case of an unfortunate event. Considering as a serious bug losing weapons is not good. Following the thread on Reddit, some users have reported gone through the same problem. Bethesda is working on the fix to resolve the matter.

About Fallout 76 Wastelander Update:

Wastelander is the biggest update that brings notable changes in Fallout 76. One of which includes adding the NPC’s back in the game, however there still a few fixes Bethesda is working on. After the update players will start the game with two questlines. New questline revolve around the treasure inside a vault, you will have to talk to the wastelanders for more updates.

Source: Reddit