Bethesda Finally Delivers The Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Canvas Bags

Fallout 76 had major problems during launch but they weren’t the only ones bothering the sales of the game, during launch whoever has purchased a Power Armor edition of Fallout 76 had received a crappy plastic bag instead of the canvas bag as shown, but now it seems that Bethesda has started delivering on the promise.

It seems like the luck is finally favoring Fallout 76, the game was doomed and disliked by the majority of the people who bought it, but after the recent battle royale mode being implemented the game looks like finally catching heat, and Bethesda also has started delivering the contents as shown in the Power Armor edition of Fallout 76.

The Power Armor edition consisted of a power armor helmet, some other goodies, and a canvas bag and it cost about $200. A huge price to pay and not receive items seems like a bad move for Bethesda at the time and the developers certainly felt the wrath of the gaming community.

Bethesda even claimed that the canvas bags were meant to be just for promotion and that there wasn’t a way to make the proper bags, but still managed to deliver the same to a few influencers which irritated the gamers.

Now it seems that fortunes have turned and people have started receiving their canvas bags.

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