Best Weapons Tier List For Payday 3

Here is a tier list of some of the best weapons in Payday 3.

Looking for a best weapons tier list for Payday 3? Since there are a handful of guns to choose from, finding the perfect one to loot a bank can get tricky at times. This is especially true when you want to change your loadout for a specific mission. But worry not, there are some weapons that are just good in the game no matter the heist you are attempting to pull off. You can find their list below.

Payday 3 Best Weapons Tier List

Best Guns Tier List For Payday 3

This list includes both guns and throwable weapons.

S Tier

  • SA A144 – Marksman
  • CAR-4 – AR
  • FIK PC9 – SMG
  • Reinfeld 880 – Shotgun
  • Frag Grenade – Throwable

A Tier

  • Marcom Mamba MGL – Grenade launcher
  • HET-5 Red Fox – Heavy sniper
  • Signature 40 – Pistol
  • Reinfeld 900S – Marksman
  • Sforza Bison – Revolver
  • Flashbang – Throwable

B Tier

  • Ziv Commando – SMG
  • Northwest B-9 – AR
  • SG Compact 7 – SMG

Since this is a best weapons list, we have only considered the ones that are best in their respective classes. So even though there aren’t many guns in the game, the ones mentioned above are slightly better than the others. If you are looking for every gun in the game and how to unlock them check out our all weapons list.

How Payday 3 Weapons Tiers Work

  • S-Tier: These guns and weapons are the best when considering their overall stats. In S Tier you can find different guns for most common uses like SA A144 for long-ranged fights, Reinfeld 880 for close combat, and CAR-4 for general mid-range use.
  • A-Tier: The weapons in this list are the next best and offer great options. You should use them when you don’t have the S Tier weapons unlocked or ready.
  • B-Tier: You will find SMG weapons here which can be a good alternative to shotguns for close combat.

That’s all for the best weapons tier list for Payday 3. Since you are here you should also check out our guides on how to get c-stacks, open the Dirty Ice vault, and the Dirty Ice basement code.