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Best Way To Make Stubs In MLB The Show 22

Learn the best way to make a ton of Stubs in MLB The Show 22 from this guide.

Stubs, What are they? Well, they are the currency of MLB The Show 22 and are required to buy players. The more Stubs you have the more players you will be able to get. If more players don’t fancy you then maybe the higher Diamond players will. In any given case, you will want to have Stubs just to be able to get new stuff. But the question arises of how do we get a lot of Stubs? As a new player, Can I make a ton of Stubs? In this guide, I will show you the best way to make Stubs in MLB The Show 22.

Best Way to Make Stubs in MLB The Show 22


best way make stubs mlb the show 22

The Best Way, the absolute best way to make Stubs in MLB The Show 22 is by going to the Marketplace & Flipping Cards. What do you mean by Flipping Cards, you may ask. Well, Flipping Cards generally means buying & selling Cards at rates that will profit you. Buy low, sell high is the motto. Here is what you need to do. Head towards the Marketplace and then go to the MLB Players. Now Filter the Cards by Series -> Live, this is important so make sure to do this.

Now search for Cards that have a big margin between their Buy Now Price & Sell Now Price. They don’t have to be very expensive cards, matter of fact avoid them especially if you are a new player. Once you find a card that has a 400-600 at the minimum margin, select it. Now go to the Buy/Sell Options, you should be able to see the Buy & Sell Prices of the Card. Keep a note as they will be very important. Now click on Buy and then Create Buy Order, make one Buy Order with a Price one higher than the Sell Price of the Card. If someone has already done it then make one Buy Order higher than that by one.


Once somebody has bought your Buy Order, go to the Card and then click on Sell. From there click on Create Sell Order and set the Sell Price one less than the first Buy Price. Note that a 10% tax will be applied to any Sell Orders. Finalize the order and wait. Eventually, someone will buy it and you will make a profit out of it. The profit will be small, granted, but if you do this multiple times to multiple cards you will generate a huge profit. The best way of getting the Stubs in MLB The Show 22 is by checking who bought & sold cards to you. To keep track, I highly suggest you get the Companion App on your phone and do the Card Flipping on it.

So you are on the go, bought and sold multiple cards and at one point you will have a ton of Stubs. This was all about the Best way of getting Stubbs in MLB The Show 22. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides like Best Young Players in MLB The Show 22.