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Who Is The Best COD Warzone Player? (2023)

Here's all on who is the best COD Warzone Player and the highest earning players in the game.

While it is a separate game, Warzone is often called the battle royale extension of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Released in 2020, it was a free-to-play battle royale by Activision and the second main battle royale in the Call of Duty series. Since the game has been running highly among competitive players and streamers. That begs the question that who is the best COD Warzone Player in 2023 and which are the highest-earning players? If you are wondering the same, check out this guide to know more.


Who is the Best COD Warzone Player? (2023)

Highest Earning COD Warzone Players

While he may be your favorite or not, most gamers would agree that Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren is currently the Best Warzone Player. He was originally a COD competitive pro and wasted no time in getting his footings with the launch of Warzone. Tommey has definitely and quite quickly placed himself at the lead when it comes to Warzone players almost in an explosive fashion.


Tommey has been part of many major Warzone tournaments and thus has risen among the ranks. At this moment, the estimated earning of Tommey is a little over $407k. Tommey has become kind of a favorite streamer for many Warzone fans and you can also check out Tommey’s Twitch.

Highest Earning COD Players

While these are the Highest Earning COD Warzone Players at the time of writing, we have mentioned the estimated earnings of each of the players. Additionally, we have rounded off to the closest estimate so the amount can be a little higher or lower:

  • Tommey – $407K
  • Aydan – $373K
  • Almond – $371K
  • HusKerrs – $334K
  • SuperEvan – $295K
  • Rated – $294K
  • Newbz – $288K
  • Jukeyz – $260K
  • Biffle – $258K
  • Fifakill – $243K

That’s all you need on who is the best COD Warzone player and the highest earning players. While you are here, make sure you do not miss out on our COD Warzone guides for more with Gamer Tweak.