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Top 5 Warframes for New Players

Best Warframes for Newbies

Many beginners who start playing Warframe do not know which Warframes are better to buy first. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about the best Warframes for beginners.


The Top 5 Best Warframes for Beginners

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5. Volt

We will start our guide on Warframes with Volt. Volt goes to fifth place. You can even get him for free. But if you didn’t choose him at the beginning, Volt can be purchased in the store for 75 platinum, or as part of the Volt kit for 220 platinum. It can also be bought from the Conclave syndicate for 60,000 Syndicate Points, after receiving the fifth rank.

This frame has very useful skills. There is a very cool skill that will appeal to any beginner playing for this character. This is acceleration. This ability gives a short-term increase in movement speed, which will still affect all allies. Volt can also place protection, which is cool for defense.


4. Excalibur

The fourth place is given to Excalibur. It can also be gotten as an initial Warframe. In addition, Excalibur can be purchased at the store for 75 platinum or from the Conclave for 60,000 Syndicate Points after receiving the fifth rank. An assembly price costs 35,000 credits.

If you need a mega damager with melee weapons, then this frame is perfect for you. Excalibur shows itself perfectly with its ultimate. It will allow you to inflict crushing damage from your blade.


3. Loki

Next, we have Loki, who can become invisible. He also has other interesting skills, and they are all good in their own way. Also, with this Warframe, you can change places with your teammate. Loki can be purchased at the store for 175 platinum or as part of the Loki set. An assembly drawing costs 35,000 credits.

2. Nekros

In the second place of this Warframe guide, we have Nekros. This is because many people need resources, and this frame will help to collect them faster. Using the third skill, we will have the opportunity to get additional resources from the enemies we killed. Also, this frame perfectly shows itself as a tank, because its fourth skill calls down fallen enemies, thereby giving you protection.


Warframe Necros can be bought in the store for 375 platinum or as part of the Mega set for 850 platinum. Or it can be bought for 100 000 credits.

1. Rhino

And, of course, in our TOP Warframes for newbies, we have Rhino. In our opinion, this is the best Warframe. This is an incredible mega tank that can withstand many attacks and remain unscathed, and all because of the second skill. Applying this skill, you isolate yourself from any damage. Also, this frame is well suited as a support, because it can increase the damage of allies.

Rhino can be purchased at the store for 375 platinum or as part of the Raging Rhino set for 545 platinum. A drawing for assembly at the forge costs 35,000 credits.

This was our Top 5 Warframes for beginners in Warframe Guide. We hope this guide has been helpful to you.