Best VPNs For PS4 In 2020 You Need To Try Right Now

These are some of the Best VPN Services for the PS4, meaning that you can connect to them easily, with minimal to no hassle. The prices of these services vary from free versions to some of the highest you can find for VPNs.

If you are on the lookout for some internet security, you should check out our list of the BEST VPN for the PS4. You can never take online security lightly and these services are designed to not only keep your online experience safe but also heighten it.

You can not only get servers from all over the world but stream content, get unlimited bandwidth, access torrents, or even access geo-blocked websites with these services. As we said these are the best VPN for the PS4 available to everyone right now.

It matters a lot on what you prioritize and each VPN will give you a different experience, so it is best that you read up until the end of this feature before you make up your mind. Only the best deserve the best, and these are some of the best VPN for the PS4 from over thousands that are available online.

From a military-grade security system to zero logs about your internet activity, these services will make you an internet ghost with no footprints to trace you back or have someone hack you. Check out this list for some for the best VPN service available for the PS4.

Best VPNs For PS4 In 2020

The best VPNs for PS4 will also help to remove some of the lag that you face while gaming, saving you seconds, and these moments come really handy when you are in engaging combat versus a formidable opponent.

Before you check out all the VPNs we have featured on here for you, you should probably know how to set up a VPN for your PS4. It’s easy and won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

How to Set Up PS4 VPN via Your PC

After you have selected your preferred VPN service, download, and install your chosen VPN service on your PC.

You will need to now plug an Ethernet cable at the back of your PC and PS4.

After this, Open Control Panel and go to Network and Sharing Center. Click the Change Adaptor Settings on the window and open it.

Inside you will need to right click your VPN’s icon and go to Properties menu.

Once the sharing tab is open be sure to select ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.’

Select Home Networking Connection open and then proceed to click the ‘home internet connection’ option from the drop-down menus in front of you.

Open your PS4, go to Settings followed by Network Settings then, Set Up Internet Connection, and finally, Use a LAN Cable and proceed to choose the Easy connection method.

When you receive a prompt, select “Do not use a Proxy Server.”

That’s about it if you have done everything perfectly up to this point you should be able to connect to the internet via your with the PS4.


NordVPN is the best when it comes to VPNs and is trusted by millions around the world, it offers you the ability to connect to one of their many servers all over the world and you can hide you geo-location enabling you to watch and download content that is hidden in your country.

NordVPN also gives you the assurance of secrecy and no logs are kept and your browsing history does not get recorded anywhere on the internet, giving you the ability to check out any site you like.

NordVPN gives you a great performance all around and the selection of servers is amazing too, the best option when opting for NordVPN is to go for a yearly plan as monthly plans can be a bit pricey.

Express VPN

Express VPN is another trusted VPN service that is used by millions of people every day worldwide, not only go you get over 3000+ servers to select from, you can also connect up to 5 devices at a time from your single connection.

Getting Express VPN will ensure that you get great speeds and that there is no bottlenecking when you have to download large game files or stream movies or other content on the internet.

Express VPN gives its users a 30-day trial and if you are unhappy with the services you can always cancel your subscription in that period. Express VPN will ensure that you have total security over your connections at all times.

The great thing about Express VPN is the fact that you can also read up on this guide on their website which shows how to set up a VPN on your PS4.


Windscribe offers free 10 GB of data to users and is a great option if you have a limited playing time but want to keep your experience secure. Along with some of the best online security, Windscribe will also offer you adware and a malware blocker.

The paid version of Windscribe offers you unlimited bandwidth so that you can download, stream and pretty much do everything else on the internet without the anxiety of running into trouble.

If you are planning to check out a VPN service but are still unsure, you can get the Windscribe free version to test it out. The free version offers servers in 10 countries while the paid version of Windscribe will give you access to servers from 60 countries.

Windscribe also offers a live chat service that is known for its amazing response time, meaning that you will never have to wait while you get your issues fixed.


VyperVPN offers the fastest download speeds for the PS4 when compared to any other VPN service on this list. Like Windscribe, there is a free version with limited functions but to experience the true potential of this service you will have to get the paid version.

Their servers are present in over multiple countries all over the world, and this will ensure that you never have to face lag or a high ping in all of your gaming needs.

Not only your PS4, but you can protect your entire home network with VyperVPN with just one connection and it will allow you to connect multiple devices at the same time. What VyperVPN does best is it boosts download speed 2.5 times that you would normally get from your ISP.

These download speeds come in handy when you’re trying to download any of the latest games which are above 100 GB in size. VyperVPN will make sure that your games are download in a fraction of the time it usually takes.


If security is your main concern, you should just invest in PrivateVPN without thinking twice, this VPN is so amazing that it even manages to bypass China’s firewall ensuring that you can have a great gaming experience where ever you are in the world.

PrivateVPN has over 150 servers all over the world in about 60 countries, this will give you great connectivity wherever you are. PrivateVPN are very serious about your privacy and their terms even claim that they keep no log of your online activity.

This means that hackers, attackers won’t have an easy time attacking you as PrivateVPN will make you a virtual ghost unable to trace. Setting up PrivateVPN is easy and userfriendly, as there are barely a couple of steps that you will need to perform to successfully enable it.

We highly recommend that you check out the 7-day trial version of PrivateVPN as it will be more than enough to win you over and get the paid version.


If you want to have military-grade protection but aren’t looking forward to spending money you should check out ProtonVPN. This service lets you connect your devices to the internet securely for free.

There is a bit of a downside to the free version as you won’t be able to torrent, stream, or share files P2P but you can always game with a great connection. When you do connect to the paid version, however, the experience you get is a major upgrade.

The paid version will let you do almost everything in secrecy and ProtonVPN’s Switzerland locale means that it does not have to deal with North American or European Government spying on your activity.

ProtonVPN will give you security even if you opt for the free version of the same.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield will give you about 500 MB of free data every day. While this isn’t enough for streaming, you can get a couple of online matches in this allocated data. The VPN service focuses largely on security and provides AES 256-bit encryption and malware protection.

Hotspot Shield will serve you ads if you opt for the free version, with the paid version however you get access to over 3,200 servers from all over the globe that will unlock all the potential internet related needs you have.

Hotspot Shield promises to keep zero logs of your online data giving you access to surf the web as much as you’d like. Hotspot Shield’s Catapult Hydra protocol helps you find the fastest server for you from all over the world.

There is a 45-day money-back guarantee program and you can use this to freely check out all the features of Hotspot Shield and then if you change your mind, you can get the entire money back.

All of the VPN services listed above will offer you seamless online protection with some going above and beyond to protect your privacy. Each VPN service has a different payment plan and you can check them out on their websites.

Make sure to check out our feature on Best PS4 Multiplayer Games, this will surely give you an idea of what you should be downloading into as soon as you connect to a VPN service.