Octopath Traveler COTC: Best Units Tier List

Learn about the best Units in Octopath Traveler COTC from this Tier List.

Octopath Traveler COTC is a traditional turn-based  JRPG created by Square Enix & Nintendo. In this game, you play as one of the Characters in the game and play out one of 3 stories, i.e. Herminia the “Witch of Greed”, Tytos the “Hero”, and Auguste the “Playwright”. Along the way, you will face many Bosses & enemies. As such, you will need to use a good roster of Units. In this article, I have made a Tier List of all the Units in Octopath Traveler COTC from S Tier to F Tier.

Best Units Tier List in Octopath Traveler COTC

best units tier list octopath traveler cotc

Here is a Tier List of all the available Units in Octopath Traveler COTC.

Tier Name Element Job
S Tier Primrose Dark Dancer
S Tier Lynette Fire Dancer
S Tier Odette Wind, Light Scholar
S Tier Theo Lightning Apothecary
S Tier Viola Fire Thief
S Tier Hasumi Light Dancer
S Tier Sofia Ice Scholar
S Tier Kouren Light Warrior
S Tier Eliza Light Warrior
S Tier Fiore Dark Warrior
A Tier Gilderoy Lightning Merchant
A Tier H’aanit Lightning Hunter
A Tier Scarecrow Wind Hunter
A Tier Tressa Wind Merchant
A Tier Heathcote Wind Thief
A Tier Millard Light Cleric
A Tier Tikilen Wind Warrior
A Tier Therese Lightning Scholar
A Tier Trish Wind Warrior
B Tier Shelby Ice Apothecary
B Tier Aslyte Ice Thief
B Tier Pia Light Merchant
B Tier Cedric Fire Cleric
B Tier Madelaine Lightning Cleric
B Tier Bertrand Lightning Hunter
B Tier Iris Ice Dancer
B Tier Sigrid Lightning Warrior
B Tier Barrad Fire Merchant
B Tier Helga Ice Merchant
B Tier Menno Wind Cleric
B Tier Wingate Dark Thief
B Tier Fabio Wind Dancer
B Tier Devin Wind Merchant
B Tier Laura Lightning Scholar
B Tier Noelle Wind Scholar
B Tier Mabel Lightning Dancer
C Tier Camilla Fire Hunter
C Tier Rodion Dark Apothecary
C Tier Merrit Light Apothecary
C Tier Ramona Ice Cleric
C Tier Kurtz Wind Thief
C Tier Lucetta Ice Hunter
C Tier Miles Light Warrior
C Tier Meena Light Dancer
C Tier Cless Lightning Thief
C Tier Heinz Dark Scholar
C Tier Ashlan Dark Hunter
C Tier Peredir Fire Scholar
C Tier Tahir Fire Warrior
C Tier Diego Fire Thief
C Tier Eunice Light Scholar
C Tier Vivian Light Hunter
C Tier Nanna Dark Warrior
C Tier Yugo Ice Warrior
C Tier Telly Ice Cleric
C Tier Jose Light Cleric
C Tier Rita Wind Apothecary
F Tier Dorrie Dark Scholar
F Tier Manuel Wind Dancer
F Tier Carroll Wind Merchant
F Tier Evelyn Dark Dancer
F Tier Harry Fire Dancer
F Tier Conny Lightning Merchant
F Tier Saria Ice Apothecary
F Tier Felline Lightning Thief
F Tier Pearl Fire Cleric
F Tier Julio Ice Scholar
F Tier Menny Light Warrior
F Tier Billy Light Thief
F Tier Penny Lightning Apothecary
F Tier Juan Dark Merchant
F Tier Jorge Fire Apothecary
F Tier Guti Wind Hunter
F Tier Sunny Dark Hunter

In the Tier List above, all of the Units in Octopath Traveler COTC have been listed in their respective Tiers. S Tier is where the best Units are and should be your priority picks. Next is A Tier which has great Units but is not as good as S Tier. Then there is B Tier which has good Units. C Tier has the average ones, they can work but only in a few situations. F Tier has the Units that you should avoid.

This was the Tier List of all the Units in Octopath Traveler COTC. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides on our website, Gamer Tweak.