Madden 23: Best Theme Teams (Ranking)

Milton Dsouza
3 Min Read

Want to know the best theme teams in Madden 23? Then our guide will surely help you out. You can call your lineup a theme team when most of the players are from 1 of the 32 NFL teams. If the majority of your lineup represents one team then all the players from that team will receive boosts. Since this is a little tricky, we are going to help you out with a list of the best theme teams that you should know about.

Best Theme Teams in Madden 23


Legends Theme Team

The Legends are simply the best Theme Team in Madden 23. The team list is full of legendary players and has a total OVR of 98! With players like John Madden, Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, and Reggie White, this is easily an S-tier team.

Zero Chill Team

If you can’t afford the extremely expensive Legends Team, then the next best team is the Zero Chill Team. Even though they have a total OVR of 94, they are still S-tier when it comes to the best theme team in Madden 23. Several high-rated players like Tom Brady from the Legends team are present in the Zero Chill team as well.

San Francisco 49ers

You get four out of five good positions in the offensive line of the San Francisco 49ers theme team. Some of the best players here are Brock Purdy, Raheem Mostert, Christian McCaffrey, Delanie Walker, and more.

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears as well have a decent team OVR of 96. They are another good option if you’re looking to choose the best theme teams. Some of the best players on this team are:

  • Justin Fields (98 OVR)
  • C. Patterson Flash (98 OVR)
  • William Perry (98 OVR)
  • DeMarcus Walker (98 OVR)
  • Brandon Marshall (98 OVR)

Los Angeles Chargers

Lastly, we will end our list with another good theme team – the Los Angeles Chargers. Their frightening offense can help you rack up enough points on the scoreboard. And don’t worry, their defense can provide enough support at the back with players like McGill Jr, Dwight Freeney, and Eric Kendricks to name a few.

That’s all you need to know about the best theme teams in Madden 23. We hope that our list was able to help you make the right choice. For more guides like this, head to our Madden 23 section on Gamer Tweak.