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Best Texture Packs In Terraria That You Can Use Right Now

Texture packs in Terraria were officially added by the developers in May 2020 and ever since that we’ve seen seeing a surge of texture packs that completely change the way you’ve been experiencing the game. From minor details to a major overhaul, everything that you see in Terraria can be changed and if you’re wondering what the best texture packs are to select from well then, we’re here to help you.


Here are the Best Terraria Texture Packs To Install 1.4 (2021 UPDATED)

The Calamity Texture Pack

The Calamity Texture Packs in Terraria 2020

This pack allows players to enhance and improve the vanilla sprites in the game. There are more than 1000 sprites by community contribution and the number keeps on increasing. The Calamity Texture Pack helps to improve the HUD as well as the environment of Terraria.

This is a great pack if you quickly wish to enhance the look and feel of Terraria 1.4. Make sure to check this out right here.


The Calamity Texture Pack is also great for those who wish to give the game a rustic look and bring more vivid colors and life to it.

Slim Player & Female NPC Texture Packs

Slim Player & Female NPC Texture Packs in Terraria 2020

While the name of the pack gives away all there is, the look of each character can be immediately enhanced with this pack. Check out the Slim Player & Female NPC Texture pack right here.

All your armors will look better and not just pixeled blocks from now on. Slimmer bodies for all characters and NPCs make them feel more human and there are more improvements made to the torso and legs that make it look more pleasing.

KATTUI Texture Pack

KATTUI Texture Packs in Terraria 2020


The KATTUI texture pack focuses more on improving the UI of the game rather than the environment where you play. All of these improvements have been made with the focus to create a better user interface that is not only easy on the eyes but also intuitive to navigate.

The KATTUI texture pack in Terraria 1.4 makes things a lot easier to understand and has proper placement and size for all the menus and the in-game options.

Better Ambiance Texture Pack

Better Ambiance Texture Pack in Terraria 2020

The Better Ambiance texture pack aims at completely changing the textures in Terraria, a great addition to the game, and will work on the tiniest details but when things add up, they look so much better in the game. From the color of the water to trees, and even snow, all look different and much better than ever before.

Every element that you can see in the game has been overhauled and there’s more immersion when you play Terraria with this texture pack. Better Ambiance brings out the colors and makes the game even more enjoyable.

Captain America Shield Texture Pack

Captain America Shield Texture Pack in Terraria 2020

While we’re talking about tiny detail, this texture pack is by far the simplest and unique as it only changes one thing in Terraria. With the Captain America Shield Texture Pack, you can replace the “Sergeant United Shield” with Captain America’s shield.

We’ve loved this texture pack ever since it was released, and we cannot not suggest this to our readers. Bring out your inner Marvel geek and let the adventure begin.

While there are more free texture packs in Terraria available, we’ve only scratched the surface with these, and we wish to showcase only the best texture pack for 2021 and beyond. We will keep updating this list as and when more texture packs get released.

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