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Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Team & How To Make One

Looking for the best team to use in Mario Strikers: Battle League? Here are 3 of the best teams you can use and how to make a team.

You should have the best team in Mario Strikers Battle League no matter if you plan to play alone or online. There are many cup battles for you to complete for the single-player mode. And a proper team can give you the upper hand while playing online. So in this guide let us check all the characters that form the best teams to use in Mario Strikers Battle League and how to make a team.

Mario Strikers Battle League Best Teams


mario strikers battle league best team and how to make one

These three are the best teams with the default gear.

  • First Team
    • Rosalina – Captain
    • Peach – Playmaker
    • Waluigi – Playmaker
    • Donkey Kong – Defender
  • Second Team
    • Mario – Captain
    • Peach – Playmaker
    • Toad – Playmaker
    • Bowser – Defender
  • Third Team
    • Rosalina – Captain
    • Mario – Playmaker
    • Peach – Playmaker
    • Donkey Kong – Defender


Best Beginners Team for Mario Strikers Battle League

  • Rosalina: Rosalina as the captain is excellent for Shooting. She also has good stats for her technique and decent strength.
  • Peach: Princess Peach has a speed of 17. She also has good stats for passing and technique. Thus she is an excellent Playmaker.
  • Waluigi: Another Playmaker on your team should be Waluigi. He has 16 Speed, 15 Strength, and 14 points for technique.
  • Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong can be a great defender thanks to his 16-strength. He also has 13 points for shooting and 16 for passing.

How to Make a team


There are two things you should keep in mind when making a team in Mario Strikers: Battle League. The first is character positions and the second is the team composition.

  • Character positions
  • The order in which you select your characters decides where they stand on the field.
    • First Pick: The first character you pick will be your captain and will be standing on the offense at the front.
    • Second & Third Pick: The next two characters you pick will stand behind the captain on either side. The order in which you pick your next two characters doesn’t really matter here. In case you are particular then the second pick stands on the right and the third pick on the left behind the captain.
    • Fourth Pick: The last character you pick will be the defender.
  • Team Composition
    • Captain: The captain of your team should typically have good strength and shooting.
    • Playmaker: These characters try to steal the ball and make way for the captain to goal thus they usually should have good speed and technique.
    • Defender: They should have high strength and good passing abilities.

That covers this guide on the best teams for Mario Strikers: Battle League and how to make one. If you found this guide to be useful be sure to check out our other Video Game Guides. And for more things gaming check out Gamer Tweak.