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The Best Valorant Team Comp For Each Map

In this guide, we list out all the best agents you can use in your team comp across every map on Valorant.

Valorant demands only the most precise and effective strategies which require the best team comps put to use. This is by far the most effective formula to climb the ranks and get as close to radiant as possible. In this guide, we list the best agents based on the last patch and suggest the best team comp for you to pick in Valorant!

What is the Best Team Comp in Valorant?


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Here are the very best Radiants or Agents to pick as your team comp on Valorant. Additionally, we’ve also listed the best team comps for each map in the game. You can always choose to experiment and find the best 5 agents that suit your team’s style and preference. However, we find these agents mentioned below to be the most ideal during most situations for both attack and defense halves on each of the maps. The list for the same is as follows:

Best Valorant Team Comps By Map



The ideal team comp for this map consists of Kay/O, Killjoy, Astra, Sova and Jett. Being a relatively defense-strong map, Killjoy’s abilities are crucial to team success on Ascent. With Kay/O and Sova’s reckon abilities and Astra’s smokes combining to both stupefy and compromise the enemy locations, this team comp is the perfect fit for this map. You can swap out Jett for another duelist, however, her dash when utilized in combination with a good Operator user could really help to get some early picks.



For Bind, the ideal team comp comprises Brimstone, Viper, Raze, Cypher, and Sova. Bind brings a lot of rotation in to play and hence we’ve gone for dual controllers in Viper and Brim. Due to the frequent enemy rotations, gaining an early vision of enemy locations is crucial- thereby inviting both Sova and Cypher into the team comp’s ideality. And if that wasn’t enough, throw in the bombshell from Brazil. Raze could unleash absolute destruction on this map which gives her a lot of points to let that satchel jump and ultimate combo work to wreak havoc.


One of the most unforgiving maps sees Jett, Viper, Sova, Skye, and Killjoy take up the slots for the most ideal team comp. Breeze being a vast map will need a very patient team comp in order to have options for each situation. If Viper’s massive wall wasn’t fun enough, this map is all about the lineups playing to the advantage of the attackers.


With options in Killjoy, Sova and Viper for Spike defuser neutralizing,  this one’s all about the replays. On defense, It would be ideal for Jett or Skye to hold up choke points to stall opponents with the utility at their disposal. Once again, you could choose to swap either Jett or Skye out and let Phoenix in. But given how most situations on this map would occur, we stick to this team comp for Breeze.


The only map so far that has 3 bomb sites on Valorant enlists the ideal team comp through the services of Killjoy, Jett, Skye, Astra, and Sova. Haven is a tricky map and is almost always subject to matches being decided on the defenders’ end. As usual, Killjoy’s utility will play to the advantage of the defense, but adding up to somewhat neutralize that aspect we’ve got Skye and Sova that need to work with Astra’s smokes to initiate entry. This map is also known to have a lot of cheeky Jett-Ult spots. It’s a bit tilted towards aiding defenders, but that shouldn’t hamper the fact that this team comp provides quite a significant balance on both ends.


Icebox stands among many professional players’ favourite map for lineups. Therefore, unsurprisingly the ideal team comp here is represented by Reyna, Viper, Sova, Sage, and Jett. The agent that really has risen to the occasion on this map is Viper. From being almost forgotten to reaching a prime choice pick for Icebox, her utilities have played well to singlehandedly win Icebox games on many occasions.

We’ve chosen to go with 2 duelists on this map thanks to the demanding entry requirements which frequently is needed to bait the enemy team. Icebox is among the most balanced maps for both attack and defense. Sage’s utilities when combined with the controller wall and smokes from Viper and Jett respectively push this team to a really intimidating one especially when one side begins dominating early on.


The final map on this list sees radiants  Omen, Jett, Sage, Raze, and Cypher make up the ideal 5 side team comp. Most Split battles are won contesting mid-control. Here’s where the Sage wall is arguably most useful. Cypher’s presence on either of one site can pretty much stall an entire rush and get your team to rotate swiftly. When it comes to attack, Omen and Jett are the best for gaining the strategic points for entry, and if that’s even a bit of a hassle, simply call Raze and her deploy her arsenal of madness.

These comps should see your team actively climb the ranks in Valorant competitive matches. Remember however that the best team comp isn’t made of the agents, rather it’s team coordination and skill that determines how far you can go. This guide was meant to help you select the 5 best agents for your team on each map. Additionally, the tiers give insight into what each agent offers and brings to the table. If you’re a raze or phoenix main- here’s an article that highlights 100T player Asuna’s Valorant settings.