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Guide on the Best Swords in Dark Souls 3

The Best Swords in Dark Souls 3

The article presents some of the best swords in Dark Souls 3. The topic of weapons in the game is very extensive. Each player can find weapons and equipment in the game to his or her liking.


The sharpest blade cuts flesh like and causes severe bleeding, which can plunge the enemy. Uchigatana strikes are applied vertically, so you can use it in narrow passages. The con of this weapon is its lack of strength and easily breaks.

You can find this item at the beginning of the game in the Temple of Fire. Take a good look around the area around the Temple. After this, fight Iudex Gundyr. There is a gate on the left of the Temple. Go left along the wall. There you will see another gate, which will be guarded. Kill the beggar and take his weapon. You will also receive 2,000 souls and clothing.

Irithyll Straight Sword

To find this sword, you need to go to the Undead Settlement. Once in the Settlement, head along the path that will lead you to the Tower. Use the elevator and go down. Get ready for the battle with the Outrider Knight. You can’t call the fight easy since the enemy has such qualities as speed and strength.

You can also use one trick to defeat him. Stay in the elevator and wait for the enemy to come very close to you. Be ready to press a button and go up. The enemy will not have time to move back and fall into the mine. In this way, you can save your health. The Outrider Knight is defeated, and you have received the Irithyll Straight Sword.

Chaos Blade

This is a cursed sword of unknown origin. Its blade is covered with incomprehensible drips. Using this weapon, you also take damage when attacking.

You will find it at the Untended Graves location. To get the sword, fight the Champion Gundyr. The door to the Temple of Fire will open after you defeat the enemy. Head forward, then turn left to the stairs. Go up, and there will be a sword.

In this article, we discuss the best swords in Dark Souls 3 for beginners. These swords are easy to get for every class.