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Best Survival Games For PC In 2020

Here is The List of The Best Survival PC Games

There is something about survival games that makes them quite amazing, you get to feel the wrath of the entire game and as you, outmanoeuvre and outwit your opponents you get the satisfactory feeling of being better in every way.

Survival is a core subject in our genes and with that, we have managed to hold on to and save ourselves. This same instinct works great when felt through video games in which you have to face the worst.

Here is The List of The Best Survival PC Games


In Subnautica you get you to explore the undersea of an alien world, where every turn you take you get to see something new, well it starts off perfect but then as you progress in the game you get to the really important aspects of the game. You get the opportunity to build a fleet of submarines in Subnautica too. You get to decide your world in this deep underwater adventure.


If you want to see the underbelly of the cruel world that a lot of people are forced to live in the Frostpunk is a great choice, you are in charge of people and need to be on your toes all the time in order to make things work. You will have to build an entire functioning society from a cold winter wasteland.

It will be best if you read up on your survival guide book as Frostpunk will push you to the limits and it will certainly give you an experience like nothing before.


For anyone who has seen the film Life of Pi, they know that surviving on a raft can be really challenging and serene at the same time. You are given with a humble raft that you can turn into an expanding venture.

As you face hungry sharks and other sea monsters, you will also have to find freshwater and a food source all while still being abord the raft. You will learn a lot about life and other things as you circumnavigate the seas with the option of going the entire journey as a co-op.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved takes a spin on Noah’s ark and brings all the crazy things that could you possibly think of. You are barely given any necessities and you might fight the forces of nature while trying to build a base and building upon it. You can join other players or go about the adventure by yourself, it is for you to decide.


DayZ features a zombie uprising and your objective is to survive, but it isn’t so simple as the roots of DayZ is rooted in Arma and you will have to take care of complex nutrition, hydration, and health systems that are far more advanced than the regular popular games.

DayZ is a true test of a character and will amp up the intensity of surviving in the unforgiving zombie infected world and surviving it is not only a way to finish the game but also a commendable effort.


We couldn’t talk about survival games without the biggest game in the world right now, Minecraft is an expansive game where you get to use your imaginations but also a survival game where you will be constantly hunted by zombies, and or other players.

As an explorer, Minecraft has everything you could ask for and you are only limited by your imagination so make sure that you take a deep breath and build something that will make you proud.


Terraria is just like Minecraft but without the 3D aspect of it, Terraria offers a similar survival experience like Minecraft but both these games have something different to offer. Terraria, on the other hand, is a much more toned-down version which has created a huge following.

You will be surviving the odds as you explore everything that Terraria has to offer with monsters and much more to battle in between. Terraria offers a co-op option which makes this adventure best experienced when shared.

The Forest

The premise of The Forest is amazing, a plane crash brings you to the middle of a forest and you soon learn that you aren’t alone. The Forest feels more like a real life version of things that might happen as compared to other games.

All the amazing survival techniques are at hand and you have to make sure that you do not get caught while trying to be safe from the forces of nature. The core element of The Forest is a haunting reflection of what can be. You can experience The Forest in VR too.


Just like the name suggests Hurtworld is going to be difficult, what makes Hurtworld special is the fact that weather elements have a huge part to play and this is a game-changer.

Hurtworld for us was a great experience that lets you build a base if you manage to survive, nothing if offered at first and you have to earn your survival in Hurtworld.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is a bit different as you aren’t alone in this. While the previous line might seem comforting you have to know that you are responsible for the lives of the entire community, which means that every person in the community brings something new to the table.

In a world where resources are low, managing all this becomes more of a challenge than you will ever have hoped for.

These are the best survival games for PC that have excited us and we cannot recommend them enough. Make sure that you are ready to put in efforts as every game in the list above will make you work hard to beat it and will feel like a worthy challenge.