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Nerdle: Best Starting Equations (Starter Tips & Tricks Guide)

Learn about the best Starting Equations for Nerdle puzzles from this guide.

We all know about Wordle and its popularity. Many games, inspired by it, have been made similarly but with a different twist. One such game is Nerdle. Nerdle is a Maths game where you have to guess a Mathematics Equation just like how you have to guess a Word in Wordle. In the beginning, Nerdle can be a bit intimidating as Maths is not everyone’s strong suit but that’s where this guide comes into the picture. In this guide, I will show you the best Starting Equations as well as Starter Tips & Tricks for Nerdle.


Best Starting Equations for Nerdle

starting equations nerdle

There are a few combinations of Mathematic Equations you can try out to guess the answer. Here are a few Equations you can try out to begin your Nerdle Puzzle.

  • Combination 1:
    • 1 + 7 * 9 = 64
    • 8 – 20 / 5 = 4
  • Combination 2:
    • 5 * 7 – 26 = 9
    • 8 / 4 + 3 = 07
  • Combination 3:
    • 7 * 82 = 574
    • 63 / 9 – 1 = 6

Try any of the above Starting Equations & you will be able to get the Nerdle answer.


Starter Tips & Tricks for Nerdle

Here are some Nerdle Starter tips & tricks for people just getting into the game.

  • In Nerdle, the answer to any equation will either be in 1, 2, or 3 digits.
  • As such trying to guess the size of the answer is important.
  • While you are doing that, make sure to use all of the operators and most if not all of the Numbers.
  • This can be done in 2 tries as seen in the Combinations above.
  • They are only missing one or max two numbers but that is enough to get the solution.
  • If there is a 3-digit number involved then only one operator will be used.
  • An operator will never be in the first, next to another operator, & last slot.
  • Zero will never be before a 1-digit number, eg: 01, 04, 07, etc. but guessing this format is a good way of checking if there is a Zero or not in the Equation.
  • If there is a 2-digit number in the Equation then that entails 2 scenarios:
    • If 2-digit is the answer, then the other numbers will either have one 3-digit number, two 2-digit numbers or are all 1-digit numbers.
    • If the 2-digit is not an answer, then the answer is a 3-digit with the other number being a 1-digit or the answer is a 1-digit with two other numbers being 1-digit.
  • When the Equation has two operators, then the answer is either a 1-digit with a 2-digit on the LHS or a 2-digit with 3 1-digit numbers in the LHS.

These are some base rules you should consider while solving your nest Nerdle puzzle. These Starter tips will guide you till you can understand the game a bit more. This was all about the best Starting Equations for Nerdle & some Starter Tips & Tricks. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our Daily Nerdle for Solutions of today & prior Equations.