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Best Starting Characters In Crusader Kings 3 That You Must Try

Best starting characters in Crusader Kings 3 will give you balanced gameplay. starting characters like Jarl Rurik, Bjorn Ironside, and more are best, to begin with

The best starting characters in Crusader Kings 3 will give players a head start in the game and make the experience of jumping into the game even more enjoyable by giving you enough challenges to make it interesting and not overwhelm you with constant cars.

Crusader Kings 3 developed by Paradox Development Studios delivers realistic strategic gameplay where you also have to keep in mind foreign relations combined with random events. You get to have a broader view of how to run a country, with every aspect that comes into play.


Crusader Kings 3 can be a bit of a challenge when you first get into the game but by selecting these following characters, you’ll get a much calmer experience with things that you can do at your own pace.

Best Starting Characters in Crusader Kings 3

Bjorn Ironside, Duke of Uppland – Sweden


The biggest benefit of starting with Bjorn Ironside is the fact Bjorn Ironside perishes away not long after you start getting the hang of things. The Nordic nations are extremely powerful in the early days. Neither do you need any kind of claim to go to war for territory outside of the empire.

Sweden offers a much vibrant and cohesive experience and we highly recommend that you consider beginning with it.

Basileus Basileios – Byzantine Empire


The Byzantine Empire will give you the easiest of the routes when beginning Crusader Kings 3, your nation will start with a small war but can be easily manageable even for beginners. You will have feudal law in place which should make things even easier for you.

The Byzantine Empire will also let you pass down titles and lands as per your wishes giving you complete control on how you want things to be run.

Jarl Rurik Of Holmgardr – Novgorod

If you’re looking for nonstop action in your playthrough of Crusader Kings 3, then you should opt for Jarl Rurik Of Holmgardr of Novgorod because this will give you smaller regions that can be easily conquered without major risks.


Jarl Rurik Of Holmgardr can even battle territories outside his own this will give you the chance to seize up more land and expand your kingdom furthermore. But beware as this might attract undue attention from neighboring regions.

Khan Saru Of Cumania – Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire has been massive throughout history with the stories about their conquest becoming unavoidable and this has been perfectly translated in Crusader Kings 3. You can establish your dynasty right from the start as Khan Saru already will have an heir.

You can expand to the vast, as long as your nation can spread and this land will also grant you special options for further expansion. If you’re someone who likes to grow their kingdom, Khan Saru of Cumania is perfect for you.

Thakur Vijayabahu – Rohana

Probably the strongest army you can get in the game will be associated with Thakur Vijayabahu. You get access to around 4000 troops that can easily dominate and destroy vast territories that other kings cannot.

The land of India also gives you an ample amount of chances to grow your nation as you can take it up north where you will be able to bring in more allies and this will be helpful during the first war. Each territory that you gain will give you access to name a Raja of your choice and succeed in your lineage.

King Malcolm of Scotland – Scotland

Ireland and England will probably be at each other throats when you begin with King Malcolm of Scotland in the year 1066. While the two neighboring nations fight each other, you will have little to no interference from them.

On the other hand, though, you will get to expand your kingdom up north where you will come across plenty of isles that lay dormant just waiting for you to come and conquer them.

This is all there is to know about the best-starting characters in Crusader Kings 3, while you’re here you should probably give a little peek at the cheats and console commands of Crusader Kings 3.