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Best Sports Games For 2022 – Most Popular Sports Games Of This Year

Struggling to find the best sports to play in 2021? Here are our top 10 sports games you can play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox this year.

Best Sports Games for 2021 – The Ultimate List is here. If you are looking for the Best Sports Video Games of All Time‬ then you are on the right page. Today, we get into the intense, thrilling world of sports games! So check out the 10 best sports games below:

The 10 Best Sports Games

The list covers the best sports games of all time for PC and Console. If you are a football fan or looking for the best golf sports game, we have everything on this one list.

1. FIFA 21

fifa 21

One of the most obvious names in this list, EA Sports’ annual football title has earned a hard-core loyal following over the decades. With a strong emphasis on gameplay physics, an intensive and rewarding career mode, a unique but enticing story mode, and official licenses for some of the world’s best leagues and clubs, FIFA 21 truly provides an all-around authentic footballing experience for both amateurs as well as veteran gamers.

2. NBA 2k21

nba 2k21

The NBA franchise has constantly appealed even to gamers who might not necessarily be basketball enthusiasts because of its stellar gameplay, life-like graphics, and an experience that transports one to some of the world’s most renowned arenas and courts. The opportunity to play as some of the game’s greatest legends like LeBron James, Steph Curry and James Harden coupled with an engaging career mode and exciting additions like the story mode makes the latest basketball game by EA Sports a fantastic experience.

3. F1 2020

best sports games

For all the motorsports enthusiasts out there who’ve grown up making “Vroom” sounds while pretending to be Michael Schumacher in their living rooms, F1 2020 by Codemasters is an unforgettable authentic racing experience. With officially licensed teams and meticulously designed renditions of the world’s most recognizable race tracks, F1 2020 gives you the opportunity to live out your childhood F1 dreams in an experience that is intense, beautiful, and rewarding at the same time.

4. EA Sports UFC 4

ufc 4

EA Sports UFC 4 brings you the thrilling jaw-breaking action that the UFC is so renowned for the right to your living room. With brilliantly crafted graphics and engaging gameplay that enables you to feel every jab and punch, this offering from EA Sports fully lives up to the reputation of its real-world namesake.

5. Tony Hawk Skater Pro 1+2

best sports games for pc

The legendary Tony Hawk series continues to live up to its cult-classic expectations in its latest iteration. Tony Hawk Skater Pro 1+2 makes you want to get out there and slay some pipes in your scuffed-up Vans. With unique skills and tricks plus the assurance of an authentic Tony Hawk gaming experience, this game will constantly have you itching to grind harder and look cooler with each flip.

6. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021

best sports games of all time

Another football game makes it into this list because of its constant rivalry with the FIFA series, Pro Evolution Soccer (simply known as PES) is Konami’s reply to EA Sports’ FIFA series of games. PES has always been renowned for its focus on providing a realistic gameplay experience that helps transport the gamer from their consoles to a football pitch. While PES lacks the licensing prowess that FIFA boasts of, it still features a decent number of licensed teams, stadiums, and player likenesses, while its engaging gameplay constantly giving FIFA a run for its money.

7. MLB The Show 21

mlb theshow 21

MLB The Show 21 is a brilliantly designed game that manages to capture everything that makes baseball such a loved sport. The Show 21 features authentic player likenesses along with officially licensed Major League Baseball franchises and stadia. If you’re unsatisfied with the existing stadiums, the game also lets you create your very own dream stadium! All of these elements combined with the eye-pleasing graphics and intuitive menus make MLB The Show 21 one of the best sports games.

8. Rocket League

rocket league

While Rocket League might not exactly feel like your usual run-of-the-mill sports game, it combines elements of sports with exciting colorful graphics to give you a game that is really fun to play. The game lets its players use rocket-powered cars to score goals with a giant ball into their opponent’s goal. Rocket League’s unusual and innovative gameplay has made it a hit with gamers who have constantly praised its exciting arcade-style gameplay while also retaining the essence of being a good sports game.

9. PGA Tour 2k21

best sports games for ps4

Developed by HB Studios, PGA Tour 2k21 is a game that aims and succeeds at providing an authentic championship-style golfing experience that can be enjoyed by both amateurs as well as experienced golfing enthusiasts. While the gameplay can initially appear intimidating, the presence of user aids and instructions helps new gamers quickly adapt to the game’s realistic simulation experience.

10. Madden NFL 21

best sports games 2021

American football (or rugby) is known to be an intense, often-intimidating sport that demands strength and ruggedness from its players, and that’s exactly what the latest iteration of the popular Madden NFL franchise aims to deliver. Madden NFL 21 provides an authentic gaming experience that captivates gamers with brilliant graphics and realistic physical reactions.

So this was our list of Best Sports Games for PC and Console for 2022. The world of sports games only seems to keep evolving, and with new-gen consoles making their way into the market, it’s only obvious that sports games will get more powerful and more engaging.