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Best SMG Tier List In COD Warzone Season 6

The best SMG's ranked in this Call of Duty Warzone tier list.

With the arrival of the highly-anticipated Season 6 update of Call of Duty Warzone, players have been waiting with bated breath to learn about the best weapons, including the powerful SMG. Additionally, there is also a new submachine gun that makes its way into this new update. You might be wondering what the best SMG’s are in this game, so we’ve got just the fix for you. In this tier list, we will compile all of the sub-machine guns in COD Warzone, right from the best to the worst. With this list, you will easily be able to pick up the best guns for your arsenal.

Best SMG Tier List In COD Warzone Season 6


S Tier SMG in Warzone


mac 10 warzone smg tier list


The Mac-10 is one of the most popular weapons in Warzone, and it is easily one of the best and highest rated SMG’s in Season 6. Its presence in the earlier seasons of COD Warzone has also helped it become a familiar and reliable weapon of choice for several players.

Of all the guns in the sub-machine gun weapon category, the Mac-10 has the fastest kill time. This makes it extremely powerful.

With all of this being said, it is worth noting that there are newer guns in this segment of the game that feature better performance. However, despite this, the Mac-10 still holds its place as one of the top guns in the game.



bull frog

While the Mac-10 is rated highly by players who have gone through the past seasons, the Bullfrog is arguably the best SMG in Season 6 of Warzone, and rightly so. This gun delivers belting bullet velocity in both the CQB as well as medium-range battles. The Bullfrog first made its appearance in the Season 5 meta, and it has only gotten better in the latest update of the game.

MP5 CW + MW Versions


mp5 cw cold war smg tier list

mp5 mw modern warfare call of duty

The MP5 CW + MW SMG is a weapon that has been a part of both the Modern Warfare as well as Cold War editions of Call of Duty. It is quite popular because of how easy it is to use, combined with its potential to inflict high damage upon enemies. The ease of control also applies to the horizontal and vertical recoil. The MP5 Cold War & Modern Warfare versions are also great to use at medium and close ranges.



One of the newer weapons in Call of Duty Warzone, the OTs 9 SMG is a great choice if you want to engage in some close combat, as well as offering decent damage in medium ranges.

Tier A SMG in Warzone

Milano 821

milano 821

A top performer in Season 5 of Warzone, the Milano 821 still holds good in the sixth season of the game, and quite rightly so. While this gun might not be able to match up to its counterparts in the higher tiers of this list, it still offers great performance at medium and close range, coupled with low recoil.


ppsh 41 cod warzone

The PPSh-41 first made its appearance in Season 3 of COD Warzone, and over a period of time, it has gained popularity and appreciation in the community. Its high recoil, coupled with a good fire rate makes it a great weapon, as long as you use the right loadout.


lc 10 smg

While the LC 10 may have a lower kill time than the Mac-10, it still boasts of a decent vertical recoil. This enhances its ability to battle with opponents who are close to you or are at a medium distance.


mp7 gun sub machine

If equipped with a 60 round magazine and recoil-reducing attachments, the MP7 turns into a beast of an SMG in Warzone in Season 6. With it, you can knock out multiple enemies located at a close range.

Tier B SMG in Warzone Season 6


fennec warzone

The Fennec is an SMG that will give you one of the fastest fire rates among all of the other guns on this list. The only drawback with it is the fact that it offers a limited range. Its low range, coupled with its weak damage level makes it an average pick.


cx 9

The CX-9 is quite a decent weapon that makes its way into the B tier of this Warzone list. Its recoil, however, lets it down and often results in a disappointing performance. You should only try and use it as long as you can control the recoil.


ak 74 u

The AK-47U made its way into the 1st Season of Warzone along with Cold War weapons. Its heavy damage potential and its ability to cause damage with headshots have seen it eventually become very popular. If you use this weapon with recoil-reducing attachments and extended magazines, you will be able to get the best out of it in close-range battles. When using it, keep in mind the fact that it does not perform well outside of a range of 20 meters.


tec 9 best gun

While the TEC-9 wowed audiences in Season 5, it has seen its hype gradually decline in the 6th season of Warzone. Compared to other guns on this list, the TEC-9 is quite average.

Tier C


uzi a tier

You will find this weapon in the earlier stages of the game. It’s a great SMG to use initially in the game, however, it soon finds itself getting outclassed by other guns in this list. This is not the kind of weapon you would keep in your loadout drops.

PP19 Bizon


This weapon has never really been popular in the previous Warzone editions, and the same applies to Season 6 too. With a low kill time, bad damage statistics, and poor aiming, this probably is not a recommendable gun for most players.


aug smg

Pretty much everything about the AUG is average at best. While it does not have any major flaws, it also does not have anything worth noticing either. We recommend you avoid this weapon completely.



The P90 boasts of a huge magazine and low recoil, however, it does not leave a mark with its poor accuracy and damage dropoff. It is outperformed by guns in the higher tiers in both the long as well as short ranges.

Tier D

Striker 45

striker 45 sub machine gun tier list

This particular gun is designed to only do well in medium to long-range battles, making it a rather confusing choice for anybody. You are better off picking a gun that is an all-rounder, rather than going with an SMG that is ineffective in most situations. Not a recommended weapon.


iso cod

One of the least recommendable weapons, and for good reason. This SMG has a very short distance of damage, and just like every other gun in this tier, it is absolutely destroyed by SMG’s higher up in this list.

KSP 45

ksp 45 smg

This particular SMG performs poorly across all ranges. This makes it a poor choice in any situation. Its only advantage is the low recoil, but even that does not make it attractive enough.

These were all of the SMG’s ranked from highest to the lowest in Season 6 of Warzone. With the help of this list, you will be able to make the best decision when it comes to picking the perfect SMG the next time you play the game.

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