Best Skills In Witcher 3

Check out this guide to know some of the best Skills that you can acquire in Witcher 3.

The Next Gen Update makes Witcher 3 look even more stunning in terms of visuals. The storyline is similar but makes the game looks more immersive and emphatic. Who does not like the Geralt of Rivia? But being a Witcher is not an easy job as every step you take decides your fate. This counts in the game as well and that’s why it is important to have a better character build. Besides weapons and armor, skills are what give the Geralt an upper hand. However, it may be confusing to select a handful of skills as there are a lot of them. Well, don’t worry as this guide features some of the best Skills that you can unlock in Witcher 3.

Most Useful Skills in Witcher 3 (Combat Skills, Alchemy Skills, Sign Skills, and General Skills)

Best & Most Useful Skills In Witcher 3

Below is a list of the 10 best and most helpful skills that you can use in Witcher 3 (Next Gen update)

  • Gourmet – Helps you to regenerate Vitality (Health) for 20 Minutes in real life.
  • Strong Back – This skill increases your Maximum Inventory Weight by 60 points. Hence, you will be able to carry more items in your inventory.
  • Strength Training – Since most of the players prefer to go for Strong Physical attacks, this skill is useful in Witcher 3. It increases the damage dealt by the enemy by a certain percentage which increases as you level the skill up.
  • Focus – This skill affects the Adrenaline points resulting in increased weapon and Sign damage.
  • Fleet-Footed – Besides being aggressive, being able to defend is also an important aspect of a battle. Hence, Fleet-Footed is one of the best skills that you can acquire in Witcher 3. It reduces the damage taken by Geralt to a certain percentage on a successful dodge.
  • Delusion – This skill in the Sign Skill Tree throws a major impact on the dialogues. It basically allows Geralt to mind control any person on the opposite end. In addition, it also increases Stamina Regeneration by +0.5/s which increases after leveling up.
  • Active Shield – This Skill in the Quen Sign Skill Tree creates a shield that drains Geralt’s Stamina. However, the biggest benefit is that damage absorbed by the Shield increases his Vitality. Due to this reason, the Active Shield is a very useful skill while fighting bosses in Witcher 3.
  • Undying – This skill is a must-have as it makes Geralt almost immortal. Most of the time, you will run out of health and this is where this skill plays its part. Whenever the Vitality bar reaches zero, the Adrenaline will be consumed to replenish health. Although, a small portion of Vitality will be restored if no Adrenaline is available.
  • Survival Instinct – No gamer would ever say no to an extra slot of health. This is what the Survival Instinct brings to the deck by increasing Vitality by 500 points. This is one of the best Skills to have as soon as possible in Witcher 3.
  • Battle Trance – As we know a lot of Skills require Adrenaline Points in Witcher 3. Keeping that in mind, one should have the Battle Trance as it generates Adrenaline Points after striking an enemy. Further, each Adrenaline point adds up to an additional 10% of weapon damage.

These were our picks of the Best Skills to acquire in Witcher 3. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Witcher 3 guides on Gamer Tweak.