Best Skill Mods In God Of War Ragnarok

Here is a guide on choosing the best Skill Mods in God of War Ragnarok.

Santa Monica Studio has added some amazing new features to the latest instalment in their Norse Saga – God of War Ragnarok. One such feature is called the Skill Mods. This enables players to modify Kratos’ skills as per their choice. Though it sounds exciting, you might be wondering how to choose the best Skill Mods in God of War Ragnarok. This guide will help you make the right choice.

Best Skill Mods to choose in God of War Ragnarok

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you must reach Gold Tier with a particular skill to be able to unlock Skill Mods in the game. More on that later, but first let us look at the best Skill Mods available:

  • Damage: Slightly increases the damage of skill.
  • Element: Greatly increases the frost\burn effect of the skill.
  • Stun: Moderately increases the stun damage of the skill.
  • Protection: Increases resistance to damage and being staggered during the skill.

Skill Mods to choose in GOW RagnarokThese are the best Skill Mods that you can use for most of the skills that you have already mastered. The effects can provide additional defense or damage depending on the Mod you choose. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to spend XP to unlock these Skill Mods. However, not all of these skills can be modded. Unlocking Skill Mods can take some time, here’s how to do it the quick way.

How to Unlock Skill Mods in God of War Ragnarok

All skill can be modified after you have completed their entire Skill Labor, from bronze to gold. The best way to unlock these is to travel to Niflheim. Here, at the Sparring Arena, unlimited enemies will keep spawning. Just keep using the skill that you’d like to unlock on these enemies. Use the skill until you reach the Gold tier. You can check the requirements of these skills in the Skills section. Once God of War Ragnarok players achieve the Gold tier for a particular skill, they will be able to modify it.

With Kratos fighting stronger creatures as he progresses through the Nine Realms, the need for having the best Skill Mods in God of War Ragnarok is vital. If you liked this guide, stay tuned to our God of War Ragnarok wiki page right here on Gamer Tweak.