Elden Ring: Best Shield Against Magic Damage

Tired of getting hit and dying from magic damage in Elden Ring? You should use the best shield to counter it.

Magic damage can be one of the most annoying damage types in Elden Ring, thus you should use the best shield against it. That will allow you to take low to almost no magic damage from your enemies. Thankfully the game has plenty of options for you to choose from. So in this guide let us quickly check the best shield to use against magic in Elden Ring, and learn other alternatives for it.

Best Shield Against Magic Damage in Elden Ring

best magic damage negation shield in elden ring

Silver Mirrorshield is the best shield to negate magic damage in the game. When compared to all the shields in the game it gives the most magic damage protection. Here are its stats.

  • Magic damage negation: 89
  • Weight: 3.5
  • Physical damage negation: 100
  • Fire damage negation: 31
  • Lightning damage negation: 19
  • Holy damage negation: 27

This shield scales with Intelligence and Strength. You need the following stats to wield it properly:

  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Intelligence: 10

Location: You can find this shield at the destroyed church at Apostate Derelict.

  1. Fast Travel to the Apostate Derelict site of grace.
  2. You will see a giant nun resting against the wall.
  3. The Silver Mirrorshield is found in front of her.

Other Shields to use for Magic Defense

These are the other options for shields and their stats for you to use in case you can’t get to the Silver Mirrorshield or don’t like it for some reason. Below are some shields from all the different types including small, medium, and greatshield.

  • Carian Knight’s Shield (Medium Shield)
    • Magic damage negation: 71
    • Weight: 4.5
  • Fingerprint Stone Shield (Greatshield)
    • Magic damage negation: 77
    • Weight: 29
  • Eclipse Crest Greatshield (Greatshield)
    • Magic damage negation: 72
    • Weight: 15
  • Ice Crest Shield (Small Shield)
    • Magic damage negation: 57
    • Weight: 3
  • Iron Roundshield (Small Shield)
    • Magic damage negation: 42
    • Weight: 3

That covers this guide on the best Shield to use against Magic damage in Elden Ring. While this was about magic defense you should check our guide on how to get the Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman in this game. It will help you improve your physical defense irrespective of the shield you use.