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Best Settings For Battlefield 2042 Beta

Here's everything you need to about the best PC settings for Battlefield 2042 to increase FPS.

Battlefield 2042 Beta is now open for everyone to play and the game is really good. It is an astounding visual delight, to say the least, as it appears to be simply stunning. However, not all gaming PCs are created equal, and each player will need to select the optimum Battlefield 2042 PC settings to satisfy their demands without compromising on FPS. If you have a system that meets the recommended specs, then don’t be shy to dial up all your settings too high. But today we’ll go through the best setting for Battlefield 2042 Beta to increase FPS on PC with minimum recommended settings.

Best Battlefield 2042 Settings


Best Settings For Battlefield 2042

To get the best settings for Battlefield 2042 beta with minimum specs, you need to adjust the following options:

  • Graphics Quality – Custom
  • Texture Quality – Low
  • Texture Filtering – Low
  • Lighting Quality – Low
  • Effects Quality – Low
  • Post-process Quality – Low
  • Mesh Quality – Low
  • Terrain Quality – Medium
  • Undergrowth Quality – Low
  • Antialiasing Post-processing – TAA Low
  • Ambient Occlusion – Off


After these, you can also change some advanced settings to get more FPS from your system. These settings include, but are not limited to FOV, Graphics preset, and advanced graphics options. So let’s take a look at them too.

Best Advanced Graphics BF2042 Settings

  • Dynamic Resolution Scale – Off
  • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency – Enabled + Boost
  • Future Frame Rendering – On
  • Vertical Sync – Off
  • High Fidelity Objects Amount – Low
  • Field of View – 65-80
  • Vehicle Third Person Field of View – 25-40
  • ADS Field of View – Off
  • High Dynamic Range – Off
  • Motion Blur – 0
  • Chromatic Aberration – Off
  • Film Grain – Off
  • Vignette – Off
  • Lens Distortion – Off


So that’s all major changes in settings you can do to get the best performance out of your Battlefield 2042. While you are here make sure to check out more of our BF 2042 Guides like BF 2042 System Requirements, and Crossplay & Cross Progression Guide.