MW2 & Warzone 2: Best Secondary Weapons List

Here are the best Secondary weapons that you should use in this game.

Having the best Secondary weapon in your loadout in Warzone 2 & MW2 can help you more than you might give it credit for. This weapon is not only useful as a backup. But you can also use it to get out of some sticky situations where you switch to it instead of having to reload your primary weapon. But there are a handful of these guns to choose from. So in this guide check out the best secondary weapons to use in CoD MW2 & Warzone 2.

Best Secondary Weapons to Use in MW2 & Warzone 2

cod mw2 best secondary weapons

There are 3 types of Secondary Weapons that you can use in this game. So based on your playstyle here is which you should pick from them:

  • Handgun
    • .50 GS
  • Launcher
    • RPG-7
  • Melee
    • Combat Knife

Here is why you should use them:

Best Handgun as Secondary Weapon in MW2

.50 GS is the best Handgun for you to use as your secondary weapon. This is especially true, if you love to play more accurately, that means you don’t rely on spraying. .50 GS has the second-highest damage of all the handguns in the game, and you can even eliminate your opponents with a single headshot. Provided that they are within the range.

But while it may have these perks it does have a slow fire rate, which is fine if you don’t spam fire. And it also has a smaller magazine compared to some other handguns in the game.

Best Launcher as Secondary Weapon in Warzone 2

RPG-7 is a rocket launcher that has good splash damage capabilities. This weapon does not have a lock-on feature, so you will have to rely on your aim. But the good thing is it offers a fast reload speed. So if you are looking to deal with enemy vehicles, a group of enemies, or other similar situations this weapon is for you.

Best Melee Weapon

Since it is a melee weapon you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo. And speaking of running this weapon also gives you the most speed when it comes to your movement while having it equipped. Of course, since this isn’t a gun you don’t get the range. But if you manage to sneak up on your enemy. You can finish them off easily. This weapon is recommended if you love flanking your enemies and killing them in an up-close fashion.

Which weapon to use from the above options?

The secondary weapon you use from the above suggestions comes down to your usage. If you are looking for a gun to do splash damage and is capable of eliminating multiple targets at once then RPG-7 should be your pick. But if you are looking for something to help you in a 1v1 fight where you can easily switch your gun instead of having to reload. Then .50 GS is definitely the gun you should go for.

That covers this guide on the best Secondary weapon to use in Warzone 2 & CoD MW2. For more help on this game be sure to check out our Warzone 2 guides.