Best Rust Keybinds And How To Map Keys

Having trouble surviving your first night? Trouble might be with the Keys you use, check out the best Rust keybinds here.

Survival games need you to be on the edge of your seat as your survival is a matter of life or death in-game. Many times you are left with moments where you press the wrong key and wonder if only you could have mapped it to a key of your choice. That’s where Rust comes in, it gives you the ability to map a key of your own choice. So let us take a look at our suggestion of the best Rust keybinds and how to set them up.

Which are the Best Rust Keybinds?

best rust keybinds

These keybindings are just our suggestions, please feel free to change them to the keys which are convenient to you. You can do that by replacing the key associated with it with the key of your choice. For example:
“input.bind c duck” this keybind will make your character duck and not get up, to get up again you will have to press the default crouch key. So if you wanted to use B-Key for indefinite crouching then your command should be “input.bind b duck”.
Now let us check the Best Keybinds for Rust.

Indefinite Crouch – Best Rust Keybinds

  • input.bind c duck

Press C-Key to crouch indefinitely
Press CTRL to cancel

Mute Instruments

  • input.bind k audio.instruments 0

Press K to mute the instrument

  • input.bind l audio.instruments 1

Press L to unmute the instrument

Turn on the Flashlight or Laserlight when aiming down with ADS

  • input.bind Mouse1 +attack2;+lighttoggle

Aim down to turn on the flash or laser light
Press T to turn off the light whenever you ADS

Mute Players

  • input.bind n audio.voices 0

Press N to mute the instrument

  • input.bind m audio.voices 1

Press M to unmute the instrument


  • input.bind z forward;sprint

Press Z to automatically run
Press W or default forward key to stop running

Craft Bandages Automatically

  • input.bind x craft.add -2072273936 1

Press X to automatically craft a bandage.

Change FOV

  • input.bind H fov 90

Press H to increase your FOV to 90

  • input.bind J fov 60

Press J to decrease your FOV to 60

Turn On or Off in-game Audio – Best Rust Keybinds

  • bind x “ 0”

Press X to Mute the in-game audio

  • bind c “ 1”

Press C to Mute the in-game audio

How to enter the Keybinds

For using these keybinds you will have to do two things. The first is to press F1-Key to open the console. And the second thing is to paste the above keybinds or you could modify and type your own keybinds and press the Enter-Key. When you close the console they will get enabled.

That is all for the best keybinds for Rust. Since you play Rust you should check out our guide on Best Rust FPS Settings to play Rust smoothly.