Reaper 2 Races Guide – Which Is The Best Race?

Here is a guide that will show you the Best Race to be in Reaper 2.

Reaper 2 Roblox has been just released, at the time of this article, and Anime, as well as Roblox fans, are thrilled. This game was created by Iconic Anime Productions and is based on the famous Anime, Bleach. In the game, you become one of three Races, i.e. Soul Reapers, Hollows, & Quincys. Each of these races is unique and are strong in their own right. If you have seen the anime, you can imagine the power behind each of them in the game. But which one is the best Race in Reaper 2? Which Race should I level up? In this guide, I will answer these questions by showing the Best Races Guide in Reaper 2.

Best Races in Reaper 2

reaper 2 races

Like I have mentioned above there are 3 Races you can be in Reaper 2, they are Soul Reapers, Hollows, & Quincys. The progression level for each of them is different and the amount of time you will have to spend for each Race is also different. In terms of grinding, Quincys are the best while Hollows is the worst. When it comes to PvP combat, Quincy or Soul Reapers can be good are Hollows are not that great for long-range. Although if you consider the best of the best sub-class in each race then Hollows wins it with the Vastocar.

But there is no saying you will get the one you want as when you spawn, you are given a Race. Each Race has a Percentage chance and those are:

  • Soul Reapers: 50%
  • Hollows: 35%
  • Quincys: 15%

Now considering all of the mentioned factors, the best Race in Reaper 2 is the Soul Reapers. Behind them are Quincys and then Hollows. Hollows would have been second or first but it takes a lot of time to get Vastocar. on the other hand, Soul Reapers have a lot in their Arsenal and are soon to get Bankais. In the Anime, a Bankai is a more powerful form of the Soul Reapers base power. So Soul Reapers win in this guide as the best Race in Reaper 2.

This was all about the best Race in Reaper 2. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like How To Become Hollow Guide & How To Get, Activate, & Switch Shikai Guide in Reaper 2.