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Best Pokemon Fan-Made Games 2020

You get the addictive gameplay combined with a captivating narrative that will have you invested in the game.

Best Pokemon Fan Games 2020 comprises a list of games that fans have created for themselves and other Pokemon enthusiasts. While Game Freak has done a stellar job over the years creating and perfecting their games, they couldn’t satisfy everyone.


Best Pokemon Fan-Made Games 2020

This list includes games that have been developed independently by fans as they try to take the original game and push its boundaries with a few tricks and tweaks here and there. You get the addictive gameplay combined with a captivating narrative that will have you invested in the game.

These Pokemon Fan Games took the original games and added the missing component making these games feel complete by bringing out new ideas and features that seemed impossible in the original games.

1. Pokemon Fire Ash

Ash Ketchum is probably the most recognized character in the Pokemon series after Pikachu, but his popularity never saw him get featured in any videogame.


This was until Pokemon Fire Ash was released, this game was designed on Pokemon Fire Red which somewhat does the best job it could to mimic Ash’s journey to becoming a Pokemon trainer. Pokemon Fire Ash allows players to battle over 50 gym leads in various places and will feature most of Ash’s travel companions along with his nemesis too.

There are over 800 different Pokemon in this game ranging from gen 1 to gen 7 with the Mega-Evolution and Alolan Pokemon forms. Give Pokemon Fire Ash a look and try it out for yourself.

2. Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence takes most of the innocence away from the franchise and brings you to a reality where people take advantage of Pokemon in a gritty story. It already has thousands of players actively playing it and all of it is set in a new location.


Players also get the chance to mix the DNA of two Pokemon to create a new one and this experience is unlike any other Pokemon game that you play in the official version.

Though a Fan Game, Pokemon Insurgence looks authentic enough and mixed with a harrowing story that picks up speed right from the get-go, you will find yourself immersed in this game. Give Pokemon Insurgence a try and let us know what you think about it.

3. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Pheonix Rising has its benefits because it was developed using RPG Maker XP and a few Pokemon taken from Pokemon Essentials Engine.

You will start your adventure in Hawthorne under the rule of a tyrannical King and your objective will be to find and resurrect Ho-oh, this adventure is full of peril at every turn.

This game gives different features that you will not find in any other Pokemon game. Every decision that you make will have its impact on the outcome of the story and you have the power to drive the narrative based on your decisions.

Pokemon Pheonix Rising has been in debate ever since it was released for the people because it gave the players a different opinion on Pokemon and made the franchise even better.

4. Pokemon Godra

Pokemon Godra is different as it doesn’t just restrict you to be a Pokemon trainer in your quest to be the best ever like other game, instead, you can choose different career paths like War Party Leader, a Military General, a Safari Zone Warden, and more.

The immersive depth and multiple generations of Pokemon will give fans different perceptions of the possibilities of having a Pokemon by your side. No longer will you have to limit your ambitions and with the Pokemon Godra game, you will take the extra step.

Pokemon Godra is divided into two halves and each half gives you different opportunities to decide your fate in this Pokemon RPG game.

5. Pokemon MMO 3D

Pokemon MMO 3D takes the Pokemon franchise from 2D to 3D where you can battle other players as well. You get access to an entire explorable 3D environment with dev support just as dedicated as when it was launched back in 2015.

In this game, you get total control over the movement of the Pokemon instead of just being a trainer and giving orders to your Pokemon. This makes playing with the Pokemon even more fun and every hit that you take will feel real and authentic.

6. Pokemon Dark Rising

If you think that the Pokemon games are way too easy, then you should give Pokemon Dark Rising a chance to change that view. Even the very best of Pokemon players have claimed to never have played anything this difficult in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Dark Rising has been at the center of a lot of controversies as it is an unforgiving experience and while a few players have quit before finishing the game. It is understandable when you get into the game as it is quite normal to get completely wiped out even before you get to the first gym trainer.

Pokemon Dark Rising even starts mysteriously where you wake up without having a clue only to find a Pokemon come to you in your dream talking about you being its owner. We loved every minute of Pokemon Dark Rising and think you will too.

7. Pokemon Reborn

You become the face of revolution in Pokemon Reborn as you find yourself in a polluted city which you have to win back from the criminals and evil organizations running it.

Pokemon Reborn starts off bleak and with each different gym to battle in, you will find different themes that dominate that area. Pokemon Reborn introduces Field Effects that can change the battlefield according to the needs of the situation.

Get ready to spend over 55 hours in the game of Pokemon Reborn as this is one of the biggest fan-made Pokemon game ever.

8. Pokemon Uranium

Probably the most famous fan-made Pokemon game ever, this game was released all the way back in 2016 after spending 9 years in development. You begin your journey in the Tandor region and will find around 150 Pokemon with original designs.

Your objective in this like most other games in our list will have you collect all the gym badges that are available and defeat the Tandor League, but under the surface, you will also have the threat of a nuclear meltdown which you’re responsible to stop.

To save Pokemon and humankind, you will need to gear up to the teeth and take your best Pokemon to not only become the best trainer in the Tandor region but also to save it from destruction.

9. Pokemon 3D

Pokemon 3D brings the normal Pokemon adventure in a 3D format, the narrative of the game is based on Gold and Silver versions. There’s not much of a difference that Pokemon 3D makes but due to the popularity of Gold and Silver it becomes a must.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, Pokemon 3D is one of the most essential fan-made Pokemon that you should check out.

Pokemon like Ivysaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle come out in a 3D version that you’ve only seen in films and tv shows in this game and that’s why it is a must-try fan-made Pokemon game.

10. Pokemon Clockwork

This fan-made Pokemon game will have you travel back in time, Pokemon Clockwork takes you all the way back when humans and Pokemon lived together in the Rosari Region before civilization.

Suddenly, the mythical Pokemon Celebi comes to you to warn about an imminent attack orchestrated by Team Epsilon and hence starts your adventure.

You will need to spoil Team Epsilon from destroying your home region of Rosari and save the future of Pokemon and humanity itself. You will get to use time travel mechanics in this game and mid-battle evolutions make every battle exciting.

Pokemon Clockwork is amazing and we’ve kept it last just to end this list with one of the best fan-made Pokemon game ever.

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