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Best PlayStation Exclusives Of All Time

Top 10 Exclusive you cannot miss

PlayStation has treated its fans with quality exclusives which have let them rule this console war, but with so many greats games in the offering, it can cause a bit of confusion as to what are the greatest exclusive games released for PS4. This list will have some of the best PS4 exclusives released specifically for the PS4.

This list is in no way stating that one game is better than the other, it is a simple listicle as to note which PS4 exclusives are dear to us and ones that we can never forget.


1. God Of War

This retelling of Kratos’ story now embedded in the Norse Mythology is probably one of the greatest game ever released. Fans were used to the ultra crazy lashing god of war but were treated to a more reserved and family-oriented person who could conjure up the rage and anger from his past self when needed.

The dynamics of this father-son duo make up some of the best bits of the game and diety v diety clashing is probably the highest selling point of the game. God Of War is a roller coaster of emotions as you journey through the vast landscapes learning about each other and growing closer.


Everything seems perfect about this game, and it would be damn near impossible to surpass such an epic title.

2. The Last Of Us Remastered

The Last Of Us brought us to a completely new experience than what we would’ve expected in a game with zombies. Growing away from the typical zombie killing slasher game, Last Of Us makes us care and feel for every character as they enter the game. Each character is well defined, with a strong story at the base, Last Of Us is more about human interaction and the strength in human character rather than being about zombie infected world.


You will occasionally run into characters with whom you will have a love/hate relationship throughout the game and some will definitely surprise you if you haven’t played this before. Last Of Us seems like a once in a generation game and with Last Of Us 2 coming out next year we cannot wait to know more about Ellie and Joel.

Last Of Us takes us to the beginning of the zombie crisis and from there you are taken on an odyssey of complex human actions and their repercussions. Last Of Us cannot be ignored and will never be in our list of best PS4 exclusives.

3. Detroit: Become Humans


Image playing in a game where robots often display more humanity than their human counterparts, humans are faced with many life choices but our elements usually dictate our actions whereas robots are shown to stick to their programming and carry out their duties till the end.

In this story about robots seeking equal rights, you see both sides of the story and this change of perception seems like a mirror reflection looking back at our society and how we immediately think of those different than us as inferior and how we treat them.

A beautiful story laced in 3 stories which have a wholesome story arc and your actions decide the fate of the characters in the game. From a neutral point of view, this one is a real eye-opener and we are glad that this exists.

4. Uncharted 4

The finale to Nathan Drake’s epic adventure surely saves the best for last, you start the game with a blast from the past and go throughout the world uncovering secrets and finding new things about humanity and the time that has been forgotten. A game which is as much fun as it gets emotional, Uncharted takes us to uncharted territory in our heart.

The game will make you fall in love with characters and you will go through the same emotions as the characters, learn about their childhood and what led them to be who they are. Uncharted 4 might have peacefully ended Nathan Drake’s story but it leaves so much open for the future for fans to be excited about.

You get the feel of being Indiana Jones wishing he could do some of the things shown in this game, with some breathtaking moments with beautiful visuals and landscapes. Uncharted 4 feels more like a playable movie than a game. Naughty Dog delivered a classic with this installment as Uncharted 4 is without a doubt the best in the Uncharted series. We just wish there were more games like this.

5. Spider-Man

Many people have grown up with Spiderman games but no one could match up to the 2002 Spider-Man until the latest Spider-Man was released, this new game developed by Sony does justice to the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Spider-Man brings some of the classic villains to the title with some new ones for fans to enjoy.

Fans get a host of the most iconic suits worn by the many iterations of Spider-Man throughout his comic history and MCU. The game has plenty of references to other characters and showcases New York in all its glory. You will spend most of the time swinging from one building to another or jumping off the highest buildings before taking the biggest swing of your life.

Spider-Man is shown with having the same naivety you would expect from a teenage Peter Parker and his relationship with people from his real life and his alter ego. The game shows what big responsibilities are thrust upon the shoulders of a teenage boy and how he overcomes them. Spider-Man is amazing and we wish other superhero games could learn a thing or two from it.

6. Drive Club

Drive Club is as close most of us will get to real-life racing, with some ultra-realistic graphics, Drive Club has control getting to as real as possible to deliver high octane action. You will strive to even qualify but once you get you really get into the best this game has to offer.

After the initial hiccups during the launch Drive Club quickly became the best racing game on the PS4. The weather conditions are unmatched as you get to feel the every racing conditions and the first-person camera angle gives an insight as to what professional race car drivers face during the live events.

When you risk your life to the ultimate glory, Drive Club takes you through all the highs and lows of racing and the entire season. The graphics complement the amazing gameplay featured in the game. You should definitely get your hands Drive Club if you are a petrol head.

7. Persona 5

Mix some comic book visuals with over the top Japanese action and you will have a sense of what Persona 5 just has to offer, with a compelling story and an ever greater combat style you will be hooked in an instant.

Persona 5 has style and substance and you will be drawn to it as you begin, it does not take much as to know why Persona 5 is held you highly with people obsessing over it and arguing online.

You will see this style throughout the game and everything seems well thought off and executed to perfection, from the cutscenes to the menu options. You will be drooling and hypnotized by what Persona 5 has to offer. It is the perfect JRPG game you could ask for.

8. The Last Guardian

Few games do justice to animal AI and this is where The Last Guardian excels, you will be accompanied by a giant dog-like creature and you will have to create this unspoken bond which behaves like telepathy. The Last Guardian will take you through all the emotions you will go through as having the perfect pet.

This new dynamic relationship harbors all the beautiful feelings you could ask for and this journey of a boy and his helpful giant will mesmerize you. You will look after all the needs of your kind beast and this, in turn, teaches you a vital life lesson.

As you get to the end of the game you will keep on wishing this game never ended, The Last Guardian certainly casts a spell on you as go throughout the story. It is the classic tale of a boy and his pet but with mystical powers on a large scale.

9. Ratchet And Clank

Ratchet and Clank is a great game, it may not be as thought-provoking as the rest on the list but it surely is just as fun. You will be laughing throughout the game as it takes you on this incredible adventure.

Other characters are memorable as your interaction with them gets funnier and you can find a hilarious way to take down your opponents. This might seem like a childish game but Ratchet And Clank have more than enough for everyone.

With Hollywood level of animation and a near-perfect script which holds the game together, Ratchet And Clank is a fun game to play and it will definitely surprise you.

10. Days Gone

The latest entrant in this list, Days Gone has probably been one of the greatest games delivered in 2019, Days Gone has the all the classic of the zombie game with added features. Days Gone on the outset seems like an ordinary game but it has so much hidden in the depths below.

As you start the game you are familiarized with Deacon and it is he who drives the story as you will be going through saving and evading different settlements. Humanity is in dire stress and you have to make a sense of all that is happening around you.

You will also be on the lookout for the love of your life Sarah, and this search and rescue game for this one person makes going through thousands of freakers seem worth it in the end. A true undying love story hidden amongst undead creatures is what makes Days Gone one of the best PlayStation exclusive titles.

This has been our most loved PlayStation exclusives, make sure you let us know what you think about this list and feel free to add if you think we missed out on any.