Best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020: Dead Space

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As if the dead silence of space wasn’t enough, there are deadly aliens in your space ship and your objective is to just make it out alive. This is one of the Best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020. Dead Space will have you screaming out in fear not because of what you see what’s in front of you but because of the fact that you’re the one being hunted.

Everything about Dead Space is fear-inducing, from the sound design to the graphics and all the way to the gameplay. Every step you take will bring up a dilemma of what path might get you killed soon. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer aboard a USG Ishimura a deep-mining space ship and things go dark really soon.

Best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020

Dead Space was ahead of its time for how it could conjure up emotions of fear without even showing what you’re supposed to be afraid of. To make things worse, you barely have any weapons and ammo.

As an engineer, it’s up to you to uncover the secrets of the origins of this human infesting aliens and defeat it before it kills everyone else on the ship. You will often come across other humans but most of the time you’ll watch them get torn apart by this alien right in front of your eyes.

This helplessness feeds the fuel of the game and what other reason do you need to play it during Halloween 2020. Even the game is over 12 years old now, it still can hold up to the standards of today’s horror games.

best pc horror game for halloween 2020

A great game to play during this Halloween 2020 if you want to spend sleepless nights and just obsess over how to keep yourself safe. The key element of this game is survival and how difficult things can be when you’re at your last resort.

Dead Space is certainly one of the best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020, with everything that’s happening around the world, Dead Space gives you a glimpse into a future no one wished for. Dead Space is a special case as you will spend most of the game feeling as helpless as the character that you play.

It has stood the test of time and one that we cannot forget, if you haven’t checked out Dead Space until now, we highly recommend you play Dead Space as soon as possible. Not only will be a great game for Halloween 2020 but a part of you will always remember your thoughts and feelings while playing Dead Space.

There are few moments that will have you rush from one place to another but just like space, this game is cold, massive, and full of unknown things. To make things worse, the game also has characters whisper out nursery poems in an eerie voice that will instantly give you the chills.

Dead Space is a massive achievement and is still revered as one of the best horror games to ever been released. It certainly makes our list of the Best PC Horror Games For Halloween 2020.

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