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Terraria: Best Mounts For All Modes

Learn about the Best Mounts in Terraria from this guide.

Terraria is an Action-Adventure Sandbox game created by Re-Logic. It brings all of the good things of a Sandbox Survival game into a cool 16-bit Retro 2D game. Gather resources, build Structures, battle Mobs & Monsters, & against other Players if you so choose. The World of Terraria is massive and traveling by foot can be long and tiresome. As such, players can use Mounts to get from one point to another very easily. But which Mount is the Best? In this guide, I will show you the Best Mounts in Terraria that you should get.

Best Mounts in Terraria


best mounts terraria

Mounts in Terraria are Creatures or Objects that behave as vehicles for the players to traverse the world. They can be either Land, Water, or Flying Mounts. Mounts are not exclusive to any one type of terrain, so the ones that can travel on all 3 are the best. Depending on your Game’s difficulty, the Best Mount will vary. Here are the Best Mounts for every Difficult in Terraria.

Pre-Hardmode Terraria


The Best Terraria Mounts in Pre-Hardmode are Painted Horse, Majestic Horse, & Dark Horse. All three can be obtained from the Zoologist by spending 25 Coins after completing at least 157 entries in the Bestiary. Each of them has a 30% chance to appear. You will need the following Items to summon them respectively (You will get them once you buy the mount from the Zoologist).

  • Dusty Rawhide Saddle
  • Royal Gilded Saddle
  • Black Studded Saddle

The Lava Shark is good but only in Water. You can get it from Obsidian Crates and Hellstone Crates.


Hardmode Terraria Mounts

The Best Terraria Mount in Harmode is the UFO. Its Summon Item is the Cosmic Car Key which you can get by defeating the Martian Saucer Mob. It is a giant flying creature that spawns in the Martian Madness event. Defeat it and you will get the Cosmic Car Key.

Master Mode Pre-Hardmode Terraria


There is only one Mount in the Master Mode Pre-Hardmode Terraria & that is the Book. It is summoned by the Dark Mage’s Tome which is dropped by defeating the Dark Mage in the Old One’s Army event.

Master Mode Hardmode Terraria

The Best Terraria Mount in Master Mode Harmode is the Tree. It is a land-only Mount but it is a Speedy Boi with 81 mph Speed. You can get this Mount by beating the Mourning Wood Boss & getting the Hexxed Branch Item. It has up to a 25% chance of dropping so get to grinding.

This was all about the Best Mounts in Terraria. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get Zenith Sword in Terraria.