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Best Mongols Build Order In Age Of Empires 4 – The Four Horsemen

Read this guide to find the best build order for Mongols in Age of Empires 4.

Getting the right build order in the Mongols civilization is quite important in Age of Empires 4. With the best build, you will be able to perform exceptionally well during battles. You will also be able to protect yourself from enemy forces way better. A good build will also make sure you make optimum use of your resources. If you too are looking for the best build for this civilization in AoE 4, we have got just the guide for you. In this guide, we will walk you through all you need to do for this build.

Best Mongols Build Order In Age Of Empires 4 – The Four Horsemen



Villager Distribution in Age of Empires 4

A good build also makes optimum use of villagers in the civilization. To do so, you first need to line up all your villagers. Once you do so, you will need to begin allotting different responsibilities to them. Here’s how you can use your villagers for the Mongol build.


You can start with 5 villagers for Sheep. Now, you can send one villager to Ovoo, and then on to Wood. You can send three villagers to Wood. One villager can be sent to the Stable, and then on to Food.

You can send four villagers to Food. You can send one villager to Gold, and then another villager from Wood to Gold. Keep 2 villagers forward, and send them to the Outposts. Use four Horsemen, and send 3 of them from wood to the landmark. Make sure to send all your new villagers to wood, and continue to train your Horsemen in sets of 2.

Now, when you proceed to build a Stable, you will need to make sure you build it with an area of Influence. This area needs to be the same one where you built your previous Ovoo. By now, you will also need to make sure you bring back a minimum of 4 sheep to your Town Center. Also, make sure to send your Khan to go locate the Town Center of the enemy.


The Four Horsemen Mongols Build Order

The first thing you need to do in this build is making sure you have your outpost built in the right area. We recommend you build your outpost between important resources. In this case, you can build the outpost between wood and cherries. You need to queue villagers until you have two of them to build your Outpost.

When you send your villager to go get Gold, you also need to pay attention to the count of your Wood. You need to do so to make sure you can build your own Ger. The Ger is a structure that is unique to Mongols, and it is used to collect Gold. You will need to build the Ger before your villager comes back to the Town Center to drop the Gold that was collected.


By now, you will find that your Horsemen are already on the way. In the meanwhile, you can send out your villagers in advance in the direction of the map’s center. Alternatively, you can also take a guess as to where the enemy is located. You can send the villagers in this direction.

As your villagers head towards the potential direction of the enemies, your Horsemen will follow them with the aim of protecting them from wolves and scouts. It is important to make sure the Horsemen follow the villagers, as protecting them is necessary for such situations. Also, you will need to set a waypoint from the Stable to the location you plan to head to. You will need to do so for the Horsemen.

For your villagers to successfully build an Outpost close to the units of the enemies, you will need to have a Khan along with four Horsemen. After you finish building this Outpost, your villagers will be able to enter it. They will now be able to throw arrows towards enemy units that are nearby.

Successfully building an Outpost that is located close to the enemy’s sources of wood or gold will help you slow down their economic growth. By placing your Outposts in such strategic locations, you will help restrict the growth of the enemy’s civilization too.

Additionally, you can also put your Horsemen to use by making them wreak havoc upon your enemy settlement’s villagers. With your Horsemen keeping these villagers at bay, you will be able to focus and concentrate your time on building your own Town Center.

So there you have it. This was the best Mongols build order in Age of Empires 4. As you can see, with this order, you will be able to get the best out of your villagers. You will be able to protect yourself better, while also ensuring you suffocate the growth of enemy settlements.

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