Best Mobile Idle Games To Try

Here is a top 10 Idle Games List that you must play.

Idle games are known for their simplicity and the element of fun that will get you addicted and asking for more. They are simple and addictive, you just have to tap and things heat up at each level. If you are not a fan of shooting games and looking for tap games to cut travel timing then here is a list of the best Idle games for Android smartphones.

Best Idle Mobile Games

10. Oil Tycoon

Idle Oil Factory Game

Oil Tycoon is another interesting Idle Mobile game where you can make billions in oil trading. It is a mining simulator-type game where you will be extracting oil from different regions around the globe. To expand your business you have to set up oil factories and speed up trade. With oil, you can expand to gas production and unlock more new ways of making billion dollars.

9. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter Idle Game

Build your Vault to save the citizens from the nuclear apocalypse. Fallout Shelter is an interesting idle game to play. You will have to add explorers to your team to build a stronghold for survival. Sequel to Fallout Shelter Online, the game also has an auto-battle PvP mode. It is an award-winning game with hours of interesting gameplay content.

8. Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire

This is a mobile game that will make you experience life that went from rags to riches. Keep mining bitcoin in this game to upgrade yourself and live the billionaire lifestyle. Just like in real life, you can invest your bitcoin smartly and passively earn income in the game. Apart from that you also have the option to time travel in the game and upgrade and unlock new equipment, technologies and keep increasing your wealth.

7. Plantera


Plantera is an idler game that is soothing. You can build your own garden and take care of several different bushes and plants. The game is absolutely beautiful where the players can catch butterflies and collect colorful fruits. The sheer simplicity of the game and the colorful vibe will make you deep-dive in Plantera and create your own little vibrant world in it.

6. Run Godzilla

Run Godzilla

Run Godzilla may sound like a hardcore gore and combat-filled game it is quite the opposite. This game will simply let you participate in Kaiju races and make them stronger. The people of the village offer the Godzilla their prayers to make it stronger and upgrade it. The creatures in the game are magnificent and you may grow attached to them. However, there will be goodbyes as well as new family joiners in the game.

5. AFK Arena

AFK Arena

AFK arena has taken the gaming world by storm as soon as it has come out. With hundreds of heroes to choose from, you can create a powerful team and win battles just with a few clicks. The characters have different individual abilities and skills that are unique and fun to play with. AFK also focuses on strategizing in order to get the most perfect team. Once the team is created, the heroes will fight the battles for you without you even doing anything.

4. AdVenture Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist best mobile idle games

Adventure Capitalist is a money-making simulator that will allow the players to carve their own destiny. You can work your way up the ladder to become the richest CEO in town. Expand your team and hire people to work for you. Scout for curious investors and crack deals to increase your business. Not just that you can also customize your clothing and accessories to compliment your rich looks.

3. Egg, Inc.

Egg Inc best mobile idle games

Egg Ink will let you live the country life by becoming the owner of a hen farming system. Take care of hens and their eggs. Build them hen coops and create the best chicken farm. That is not all, the game will let you send space expeditions and sell your eggs too. Become the ultimate when farming tycoon and earn money to upgrade your farm and equipment.

2. Dungeon Inc

Dungeon Inc best mobile idle games

The successor of Dungeon Keeper, in this game, you are now the gold production manager. Your job is to increase profits by earning gold and no amount is enough. Expand your dungeon world and hire monsters that will patrol and safeguard it from the enemies that are Tax Knights and rival managers. Level up your monsters and unlock all kinds of rooms in the game for more perks.

1. A Dark Room

A Dark Room best mobile idle games

A dark room may be simple with its mechanics but it is one of the most unanticipated twists that you would never be able to imagine. Waking up in a room with the ability to just light a fire in the room will lead to aliens and outer space exploration might seem too odd to connect. But the game connects the dots and progresses the story in such an alluring manner that you will be hypnotized. This game is a personal favorite and I encourage you, players, to definitely try this one out.

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