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Best Minecraft PC Seeds To Check Out 2023

We’ve listed the Best Minecraft PC Seeds for 2023 right here. Minecraft is expansive and only your imagination can give it sense, it is a world without borders our bounds and you can express your ideas freely, the worlds though are randomly generated based on things called “seeds”, these seeds give each world its distinct details and create a unique experience for the players.


Minecraft is built upon algorithms but it will grab the current system time as the basic input for the starting values. You can, however, change these values to get a custom experience based on how you want your particular world to look like.

A lot of forums over the past years have collected the best PC seeds for players to create a beautiful world and expand upon that. Minecraft for the PC runs just like it would for any other console and these seeds give you a huge jumpstart.

Best Minecraft PC Seeds

You will need to enter the PC seeds title in the seed generator to get those particular seeds. This is the Java version of the game so make sure that you have the same one when entering the seeds.



This seed is one of the best and most exciting seeds we’ve seen so far as this setting involves a ship stuck inside a shipwreck. This makes it one of the best settings to create your new world and upon the existing structure.

There are tons of things to check out as well, the coordinates for the best things are as follows:



  • 23, 85, -161

Ocean Monument

  1. 80, 60, -367

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This one has a giant hole and makes for great building experience. You get a vast area with a few biomes and villages to bring in the authenticity to your world but the main attraction will be the giant hole. The origins of this hole are unknown but you can make whatever you want of it.

The coordinates for the Villages and the Giant hole are as follows:


  • -219, 73, 61
  • 37, 79, -756

Giant Hole

  • 277, 71, 61


This seed focuses more on the resources that you get when you start your new world, so that you aren’t stuck without resources early on. It can be difficult to start in Minecraft and if you are looking for a resources-rich environment, then this seed will be the best for you.

There are villages, biomes, mineshaft dungeons and more to build your new world around so check this out.

The coordinates for everything are as follows:


  • -400, 80, 1100
  • 850, 80, 1300
  • 1700, 80, 1500


  • -555, 45, 2500
  • 1500, 70, -625
  • -960, 40, 655
  • -875, 30, -695


  • -400, 60, 350


  • -900, 60, 350

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Best Minecraft PC Seeds 1


What’s better than one shipwreck? Two shipwrecks and to top it off everything is set in a desert as the more you dig in you will find ocean ruins in this vast area. This one is a particular favorite of ours.

The coordinate for the Desert Temple is as follows:

Desert Temple

  • -225, 72, 192

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This seed has forests, deserts and everything in between you can really venture out in this seed and you should really check out everything there is to check out in this seed. The more you discover the more you will learn about this seed and we highly recommend you to do so.

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This seed has a village split by a ravine which really pushes you to build and plan accordingly. You can even play around the building that hangs over the large ravine.

You can check out more about this seed here


You get a small island but the real adventure lies underneath the surface, the resources underwater are magnificent and it makes for a creative push from the players’ side. It is rather tougher from the other islands but what game is good if there isn’t a huge challenge waiting for us.

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This seed is by far the most artistic seed that is in the list here, you only get half a mountain and the village seems like it fell out of the sky. This one has a bit of something in it. There is beauty, chaos and every other thing to make it a complete experience.

You can check out more about this seed here


If you are looking for a survival type of a challenge then this seed will be the one for you. You start around a broken-down ship and inside you will find limited resources that you must use and survive. Along the way, you will come across some other islands which you can go to apart from your main island.

You can check out more about this seed here


If you want a toned-down survival experience then this should be the one you should opt for. There are more resources with a similar kind of aesthetic in this seed. This seed is ideal for those starting out in Minecraft and is looking for an easier time.

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You get two villages next to each other in this, which promises an amazing starting point with tons of resources and a huge forest to explore that is cut by a river flowing through it. It looks beautiful and you can do more with it. There is a mineshaft in this seed for players to explore as well

The coordinate for the mineshaft is as follows:


  • -198, 38, -151

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This seed makes you search for resources in a rather unusual place, you will have to look for the seeds but before that, you will have to find the shipwreck and this is where some of the most fun can be had. Make sure that you have a keen eye for a treasure map as well. There are tons of secrets to be found in this seed.

The coordinate for the main center village is as follows:

  • -761, 84, -895

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– 8161101096713154486

If you’re missing the snow, or just want a seed where you can have a snow theme then this seed will be perfect for you. You get villages and mountains all covered by snow and everything will be around you. It gives a nice mono theme around and is a bit different than the vibrant themes you get in other seeds.

You can check out more about this seed here


If you want the entire experience and every resource right at your feet then this seed will provide you with that. You can get everything from Jungle Temple to Ocean monument and a mansion.

The coordinates for everything are as follows:

Jungle Temple

  • 2182, 75, 295

Desert Temple

  • 534, 72, 374

Ocean Monument

  • 2134, 64, -798

Woodland Mansion

  • 18449, 72, -17439

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You get to spawn right in the center of a biome which makes this a peculiar seed. This one is better unexplained as you will have more fun if you go into this seed with a bit of a blank slate.

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