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Best FNAF Security Breach Memes

The FNAF series characters are very meme-worthy. Check out the best FNAF Security Breach memes and videos here.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a wacky and scary horror franchise that is still going strong with its title Security Breach. With survival elements, hostile animatronics, and returning characters, the fanbase has a lot of content to make memes from. Well, we’ve compiled some of the best FNAF Security Breach memes and videos right here.

Best FNAF Security Breach Memes

Scroll till the end to check out some of the funniest and wholesome FNAF memes and artworks by the creators.

FNAF Foxy vs Roxy

fnaf security breach memes
image credit – u/Spktra on Reddit

Foxy is a well-known villain in the FNAF series because all he wanted to do was kill anyone he found lurking at night. He’s a pirate entertainer fox who is now decommissioned. In terms of behavior – he will become more active slowly and steadily, and when he is completely active, Foxy will attack you. Now, this animatronic is not in Security Breach and many fans are missing him. While we miss Foxy too, we surely don’t want the wrath of Roxy.

Who is the Imposter?

among us fnaf
image from @fnaf.memes instagram / art: calistolfo

Among Us has garnered a huge fanbase of its own and the theme fits the concept of FNAF pretty well. Monty, Chica, Vanny or Roxy – who’s the most sus?

FNAF Sun and Moon

fnaf sun moon meme
image from @fnaf.memes instagram

You know this was coming – you can’t say Sun and Moon and not think of the famous Pokemon Sun and Moon games for the Nintendo 3DS.

You Gotta Love Them Both

if you dont love me at my meme

‘Sun and Moon’ animatronic works at the daycare and will punish any kid that ‘stays up past their bedtime’. The Moon side will show up when you turn off the lights in the daycare and it’s a scarier, more haunting version of this robot.

From Chica to Glamrock Chica

chica fnaf

Chica was an antagonist that has featured in multiple FNAF games. But in Security Breach, we are introduced to Glamrock Chica who has a much more stylized appearance. Overall, she’s got that pink theme going on, whereas Chica was a yellow Chicken wearing a bib. From Chica to Glamrock Chica, somewhere we all grew up.

Now, these FNAF Security Breach memes are funny and all, but the real gems are all in video format. Don’t forget to check out this video where Youtuber Dawko has compiled some of the funniest memes and edits.

And, if you’d like to play FNAF Security Breach with a funny mod, we’ve got a few suggestions for you right here.