Best Materia In Crisis Core Reunion & How To Get Them

Here is a guide on the best Materia in Crisis Core Reunion & how to get them.

Having the best Materia in your inventory can significantly give you the upper hand in beating bosses in Final Fantasy 7 – Reunion. Once restricted to the PSP, Square Enix has now remastered Crisis Core: FF7- Reunion. The game is now fit to play on the latest consoles. Since there are many who have never played the game, knowing what Materia to choose can be confusing. In this guide, we’ll show you the best Materia and how to get them in Crisis Core: Reunion.

Top 3 Best Materia in Crisis Core: FF7 – Reunion

Best Materia in Crisis Core Reunion


The first on our list is also one of the best attacking spells in Final Fantasy 7. As apparent from the name itself, using the spell shifts the ground beneath Zack’s feet. In the process, it dishes out severe damage to any enemy within its range. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use this on enemies with flying abilities.

Quake can be purchased for 18,000 Gil from the Wutai Secret Shop. Alternatively, you can also try to get it from the Grand Horn enemy in the game. If you want to buy it however and don’t have enough Gil, you should check out our guide on how to earn more Gil in Crisis Core.

Costly Punch

The Costly Punch belongs to the Command Materia and allows you to deliver massive damage to your opponents. However, Zack’s overall HP will be sacrificed in return. The spell is known to provide the highest amount of damage in the lowest amount of time possible. The best thing is that it can penetrate Barrier and MBarrier albeit at the cost of Zack’s HP. Costly Punch can be unlocked by completing atleast 55% of the main story in Crisis Core.


The last one on our list, Flare, is a Magic Materia. It allows you to create a blinding white light that causes instant damage to your enemies. Although it’s a solid offensive spell, it costs 77 MP per cast which might make many players think before going for it. You can unlock the Flare Materia by completing the following missions:

  • M3-4-4
  • M5-4-3
  • M8-6-4
  • M9-3-6

That’s all you need to know on the best Materia and how to get them in Crisis Core: Reunion. If this seemed to help you, stay tuned to our FF7 guides page right here.