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Mass Effect 2: Best Romance Options Ranked (Best To Worst)

Here's the list of the best Mass Effect 2 romance options in the game.

Mass Effect 2 to date has one of the best diverse final missions with multiple endings every time you play. Players have complete control over the story and crewmates they want to carry forward to Mass Effect 3, so the romance options. With ME2 offers possible romantic interests with characters possessing backstories with depth and emotions to characters who outright want to kill you. And with all the 3 romantic options from the prequel not available now (small exception for Liara), this is your chance to rewrite a new story for your Shepard. So let’s look at the best Mass Effect 2 romance options in this guide.

PS: As an avid fan of the series, and playing the trilogy multiple times, these romance options are based on my own opinion. You may feel one character better than other in your story, and that’s exactly how the series is supposed to feel. Everyone should be able to select their own love interest which suits the personality and identity of their unique Shepard. So I will try to share my opinions on why I feel the following characters matter the most to me in this epic battle against reapers.

Best Romance Options in Mass Effect 2 Ranked

Best Romance Options in Mass Effect 2 Ranked

So with no option for Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko, and Liara (unless you have the LoSB DLC or the Legendary edition, there are new characters you can romance now. Taking into consideration how their actions affect Shepard till the end of the trilogy, we have ranked these romantic interests. Also as male and female Shepard (femshep) has different romance options we will mention them too for your convenience. With that said, here are the best romance options in Mass Effect 2 (ME2) ranked:

  1. Tali’Zorah vas Neema (best male Shepard romance option)
  2. Liara T’Soni (best romance for trilogy-ending lore) – In my opinion
  3. Garrus Vakarian (next best female Shepard or Femshep romance option)
  4. Jack (best ME2 emotional moments, and by ME3 you will feel proud of Jack)
  5. Miranda Lawson (you start the game by hating her, but her story will melt your heart)
  6. Thane Krios (most skilled Drell assassin in Milky Way, smart, mature, caring, and confident)
  7. Samara (She is a justicar, one of those who forsworn having family & children. Let her focus on saving the galaxy)
  8. Kelly Chambers (Nothing more than just a fling)
  9. Jacob Taylor (His future is with Dr. Cole)
  10. Morinth (She is an Ardat Yakshi. So unless it’s a game-over screen you are looking for, stay away from her)

Most of my friends and half of the community will disagree with this list and say Jack or Miranda belongs on top. Yes, I agree, I felt the same while playing the game when it was released. But as ME3 was released, and now again replaying the Legendary edition thrice, I believe Liara T’Soni is the best romantic option in the entire trilogy and how your legacy is carried forward long after your final showdown with reapers.

Why is Liara T’Soni the Best Romance Option in ME Trilogy?

Liara T’Soni is an Asari and one of the best biotics you can have in your crew apart from Jack & Samara. Liara has dedicated more than 5 decades to gathering all knowledge regarding the extinct Protheans. But these are not what make her the best choice in the game. Plus you will only be able to rekindle your relationship by the end of ME2 Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC. So let’s look at some pros of dating Liara:

  • Only Mass Effect romance interest with the option to keep your relationship alive in all 3 games.
  • Only romantic option who can outlive everyone in your squad, to keep your legend alive.
    • Asari has a lifespan of over a millennium. And as per Asari standards, Liara is just turned adult at age 106 when you meet her for the first time.
  • She is smart.
    • Liara is one of the best researchers with knowledge of Protheans & their technology.
    • She dedicated most of her life experience to researching Protheans. She is the very first person to understand the importance of the Reaper threat.
    • Her mind is the only one capable to help Shepard to decipher the Prothean Cipher.
    • She becomes the “Shadow Broker”, one of the most powerful resources in the galaxy.
  • Once one of the most touching scenes in ME3 before the final fight.
    • She shares her consciousness with Shepard in the final goodbye before ME3. A really short but beautiful moment.
  • And finally, she is confirmed to appear in the next Mass Effect game. So she is the way to go for your legend & sacrifices to survive for decades.

There are hundreds of reasons I can pinpoint within each dialogue and moment in the trilogy. But at the end of the day, this list is just my opinion. Your journey should be with the one your character loves the most.

That’s all for our list of all the best Mass Effect 2 romance options ranked. While you are here, take a look at more of our Mass Effect Trilogy Guides that will help you in this epic saga.