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Best Legends Of Runeterra Decks (2022)

Here are the best Decks you can use in Legends of Runeterra 2022.

Legends of Runeterra is a digital card game developed by Riot Games in 2020. It is free to play and requires a lot of strategy & skill. There are various types of Cards and each of them belongs to a certain class called Regions. Depending on what Region it is from, it will have specific effects. Couple that with Spell Cards & Mana Management, you will have a lot to handle. The best way to get better at video games is by playing them. This is true for Legends of Runeterra but what Decks should you use? There are various types of Legends of Runeterra Decks like Aggro, Control, Midrange, and Combo. To help you get started with the game, I have compiled the Best Legends of Runeterra Decks for you.

Best Decks to Use in Legends of Runeterra 2022

Like I have mentioned above, there are 4 major types of Legends Of Runeterra Decks. That being Aggro, Control, Midrange, and Combo. Here is a brief on what they are:

  • Aggro Decks:
    These Decks are aggressive Decks that apply pressure to the enemy from the early game. Usually, these decks are cheap and they are meant to overwhelm the enemy Strats. If done correctly, you can win a game in a relatively short time.
  • Control Decks:
    They are the complete opposite of Aggro decks. Control Decks are slow-paced consisting of heavy Mana cards and a lot of Spells and Effect Cards to deny and counter the enemy’s gameplan.
  • Midrange Decks:
    These Decks fall somewhere in between the first two types. They are not that fast but are not the slowest either. It is perfect for Mana Management and gaining control of the Board.
  • Combo Decks:
    The final Archetype is the Combo Decks. As the name suggests, they are a Combo of two or more cards is a Deck type similar to the above types. The Combo of the Cards becomes your win condition and you support them by following an aggressive plan like Aggro or a more methodic plan like Control.

That should cover the general gist of how a Legends Of Runeterra Deck should be like. Some of these are Meta Decks while some aren’t. Try them out and see what fits your playstyle the best. Now here are some Decks you can use that are pretty solid. The images shown below are shared directly from Mobalytics. All the deck credits belong to original owners

Budget Control – Best Control Deck in Legends of Runterra

budget control - best control deck in legends of runterra

Total Shards Cost: 17,900

  • Champions:
    • Elise x2
    • Braum x1
    • Tryndamere x1
  • Followers:
    • Ravenous Butcher x2
    • Hapless Aristrocrat x2
    • Omen Hawk x2
    • Avarosan Sentry x3
    • Cursed Keeper x3
    • Avarosan Marksman x2
    • Babbling Bjerg x2
    • Avarosan Hearthguard x1
    • Ethereal Remitter x2
  • Spells:
    • Brittle Steel x2
    • Glimpse Beyond x2
    • Vile Feast x3
    • Black Spear x2
    • Avalanche x2
    • Grasp of Undying x1
    • Withering Wail x2
    • Harsh Winds x2
    • Vengeance x1

Burn Aggro

burn aggro

Total Shards Cost: 14,700

  • Champions:
    • Teemo x3
  • Followers:
    • Legion Saboteur x3
    • Precious Pet x3
    • Boomcrew Rookie x3
    • Crimson Disciple x3
    • Imperial Demolitionist x3
    • Legion Grenadier x3
    • Used Cask Salesman x3
  • Spells:
    • Mystic Shot x3
    • Transfusion x3
    • Get Excited! x2
    • Noxian Fervor x3
    • Statikk Shock x2
    • Decimate x3

Budget Elites

budget elites

Total Shards Cost: 16,000

  • Champions:
    • Zed x2
    • Garen x1
  • Followers:
    • Cithria of Cloudfield x3
    • Fleetfeather Tracker x2
    • Inspiring Mentor x2
    • Battlesmith x3
    • Vanguard Defender x3
    • Laurent Protege x2
    • Vanguard Redeemer x3
    • Vanguard Sergeant x3
    • Laurent Bladekeeper x2
    • Silverwing Vanguard x3
    • Vanguard Bannerman x3
    • Vanguard Squire x3
  • Spells:
    • Radiant Strike x2
    • Succession x2
    • Judgment x1

Starter Upgrade (Ionia-P&Z)

starter upgrade (ionia-p&z)

Total Shards Cost: 19,800

  • Champions:
    • Zed x2
    • Jinx x2
  • Followers:
    • Astute Academic x2
    • Inspiring Mentor x2
    • Boomcrew Rookie x3
    • Greenglade Duo x2
    • Keeper of Masks x2
    • Golden Crushbot x2
    • Scaled Snapper x2
    • Shadow Assassin x3
    • Used Cask Salesman x2
    • Chempunk Shredder x1
    • Jeweled Protector x1
    • Augmented Experimenter x1
    • The Empyrean x1
  • Spells:
    • Thermogenic Beam x3
    • Mystic Shot x3
    • Twin Disciplines x2
    • Get Excited! x2
    • Will of Ionia x1
    • Dawn and Dusk x1

Chapless Undying

chapless undying

Total Shards Cost: 12,000

  • Champions:
    • None
  • Followers:
    • Ravenous Butcher x3
    • Warden’s Prey x2
    • Cursed Keeper x3
    • Stirred Spirits x2
    • The Undying x3
    • Vanguard Redeemer x2
    • Chronicler of Ruin x3
    • Ethereal Remitter x3
    • Radiant Guardian x2
    • Tianna Crownguard x1
  • Spells:
    • Glimpse Beyond x3
    • Single Combat x3
    • Vile Feast x2
    • Black Spear x2
    • En Garde x1
    • Withering Wail x2
    • Atrocity x1
    • The Ruination x2

These are some of the best decks you can use in Legends of Runeterra. They are very versatile and you will grasp a better understanding of the game after using them. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our other guides like Legends Of Runeterra Champions Tier List.