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Best Logia Fruit In Blox Fruits

Check out this guide to know about the Best Logia Fruit in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruit players know that Logia Fruits are the most powerful fruits in the game. They are the best fruits for PVP and Grinding. If you are curious to know about the best Logia fruit in Blox Fruits, then this guide is all that you need.


Best Logia Fruit in Blox Fruits

Logia Fruit in Blox Fruits

  • Best Logia Fruit is the one which is best in both PVP as well as Grinding. Keeping that in mind, according to me the best Logia fruit is Dark because awakened Dark is a monster in PVP as it can stun the opponent while dealing damage.
  • Dark may not be as good as Light, Fire or Ice still its Stun ability that could destroy NPCs with critical hits is what makes Dark the best. Although Dark isn’t as fast as Magma or Light which can be a drawback when it comes to Grinding but one should not forget the damage it can inflict on the opponent, especially when awakened combined with Sword mains.
  • No doubt when it comes to grinding Magma is the best as you can fly faster without interruption and Magma’s Awakened moves that can inflict high damage to the enemies at once is what makes Magma Favorite for grinding amongst players.
  • Another worth mentioning Fruit is Rumble which has similar abilities to that of Magma only thing that Rumble lacks is its aiming. If its attack aiming was good. It probably would be the best Fruit ever in the game.

What is the worst Logia Fruit?

The worst Logia Fruit is none other than Smoke. As smoke can’t deal much damage in PVP also due to its slow movement in Grinding makes it unfavorable to use.

That’s all you need to know about best Logia Fruit. Also, check out our Roblox guide to know more about Roblox games.