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Best LMG In COD Modern Warfare 2 – Top 4 Guns

LMG’s are a hybrid between heavy machine guns and rifles. They are powerful weapons and here is a small list of the best LMG’s to unlock first in MW2.

COD MW2 weapon arsenal features an array of weapons like SMG, LMG, Assault Rifles, Sniper, Shotguns, Pistols, and Melee weapons. A weapon that brings in power, speed, and range requires lots of grinding. But you can rely on the LMG category here. SMG and Assault Rifles are best for fast-paced gameplay. LMGs can turn out to be reliable partners for gamers where players have to move cautiously. In this guide, you can find the list of the best light machine guns in COD MW2.


Which Is The Most Powerful LMG In COD MW2?

Rapp-H LMG in MW2

RAPP H is one of the best LMGs in COD MW2. This weapon has low recoil, a high fire rate, and great damage. With the right set of attachments, you can further enhance the power of the weapon. Second on the list is Raal MG, a two-shoot kill weapon. It is a decent long-range weapon, but you will need some attachments to manage the recoil of the weapon. 556 Icarus will be unlocked early in MW2. This one is a good start weapon and comes with a decent fire rate. With proper attachments, you can get more movement stability from the gun. Sakin sits last due to its control issue. But the damage is very high, the weapon is limited in terms of recoil and stability. Lots of improvement are required to achieve a decent accuracy out of it.

  • RAPP H – Recoil Control, Mobility & High Fire Rate.
  • Raal MG – Long Range Weapon.
  • 556 Icarus – Fire Rate & Mobility.
  • Sakin MG38 – High Damage.

LMGs are bulky weapons, so they affect the movement speed. Loadouts matter a lot in turning them into a perfect weapon. For speed Assault, Rifles and SMGs are considered the best. They are designed for fast shooting and do not impact players’ mobility. While LMGs are designed for crowd control. One more weapon that can also be included in the list is HCR 56. It is an old weapon that appeared in many COD games. This weapon is unlocked when you hit Level 32. This weapon has high damage, all you need is to focus on improving the mobility stats.


A lot relies on the player’s gameplay style. Finding the top gun in MW2 means considering many factors. This includes weapons damage, accuracy, recoil, ADS, ammo, etc. Everything is done via the Gunsmith menu. From here you can apply attachments based on the weapons platform.