Best Level To Find Ancient Debris In Minecraft [2023]

Read this guide to know about the best level for Ancient Debris in Minecraft in 2023.

Ancient Debris is one of the rarest and valuable resources in Minecraft. It is roughly 12 times as rare as diamond and also can’t be destroyed by fire, lava or explosions. These blocks are used to make Netherite scraps which are further used to craft Netherite Ingots. If you don’t know where to find it, then we can help you out. This is how to find the best level for Ancient Debris in Minecraft 2023.

Best Spawn Level for Ancient Debris in Minecraft [2023]

A common spawn location for Ancient Debris is on Y-Level 15 in the Nether. The rare and precious ore is basically found across levels 8 to 22. However, level 15 is prone to having the most frequent spawn rates. Although, you must first enable Coordinates in the game in order to find the level for Ancient Debris.

Before you set out in the Nether, ensure that you are equipped with high-quality armor and tools to get Ancient Debris. Since mining for this ore is known to be one of the hardest grinds in the game, you will have to be a little patient. You can choose to use TNT mining or Strip mining to get this resource. But we will show you the best and most efficient way of getting Ancient Debris:

explosive beds minecraft

The Best Way to Find Ancient Debris

Beds in Minecraft can explode in the Nether and the End. Moreover, they are easy to craft compared to TNT’s. Here is how to use them to find Ancient Debris:

  • First, dig a few blocks to make a tunnel on Y-Level 14.
  • Now, put down a bed and place two blocks over it to shut the tunnel.
  • Next, take 5-6 steps back & interact with the bed to create an explosion.

The blast will destroy a chunk of weak blocks surrounding you. Don’t worry, Ancient Debris is resistant to fire and other types of explosions. Keep looking around for it, the precious ore will look different compared to the other blocks in the Nether.

That’s all you need to know about the best level for Ancient Debris in Minecraft 2023. We hope you found this guide helpful. For more such location guides and other tips & tricks, check out our Minecraft section on Gamer Tweak.

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