Modern Warfare 2: Best Launchers

Launchers can be used to rain missiles on enemy vehicles or hideouts. We will tell you which is the best launcher in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 gives you a wide range of weapons to choose from. You can be a precise marksman with a Sniper or a run-and-gun maniac with an SMG, the choice is all yours. But what to do when your enemy calls in a UAV or rolls down in a tank? Well, you can choose from the launchers available in the game. Launchers in Modern Warfare 2 can destroy armored vehicles or clear-out campers. Currently, there are 4 launchers available in MW2, each with its own specialty so it can be difficult to decide which is the best. In this article, we will go over them and tell you which is the best launcher in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Launcher in Modern Warfare 2

The JOKR Launcher in MW2

Unlike guns, you can cover a big area when you use launchers. They can dish out heavy damage, but they also have some disadvantages. Your mobility will be low and reloading takes forever.

That being said, some launchers are better than others so here is a list of the best launchers in Modern Warfare 2


The problem with launchers is that you have to be accurate while using them. Because of their low ammo, you cannot afford to miss a single shot. With the best accuracy stat in MW2, the JOKR can be your go-to launcher. The range of this launcher is quite significant as well. So in large and open maps, the JOKR is easily the best launcher in Modern Warfare 2. Although there are some downfalls to using this launcher. It takes a while to lock on the target and its mobility is very weak. So if you like to support your teammates by clearing out spaces from the back, then JOKR is the launcher for you.


RPG Launcher in MW2

COD veterans are aware of how this launcher can wreak havoc among enemy ranks. If you are someone who likes to get in the thick of things, then carrying an RPG with you isn’t a bad idea. With the best mobility stat in MW2, the RPG can be used for hit-and-run strategy. Although the lack of scope on this launcher significantly reduces its accuracy. So we suggest you avoid trying to hit enemy aircraft and save ammo.


STRELA-P Launcher

The STRELA-P can either be the most liked or the most hated launcher in MW2. Due to the lack of a Lock-On system, you might miss a few rounds. But once you get a hang of it, the STRELA-P launcher can become your enemy’s worst nightmare. It has a high damage area and the speed of its missiles is unbelievable. You can almost instantly destroy enemy vehicles with its high-velocity rounds. Although the reload time and mobility are low, so we suggest you pair it with a lightweight weapon like an SMG or the LACHMANN-556.


PILA Launcher

PILA is a great overall base launcher that works well against enemy vehicles. Due to its ability to switch between Lock-On and Free-Fire features, PILA makes a versatile launcher in MW2. Although it has a long trigger time and low mobility, so running around with this launcher is difficult.

Out of all the launchers available, we rank the JOKR as the best launcher in Modern Warfare 2. This is due to our preferred playstyle and it can change from player to player.

That’s all from us on the Best Launcher in Modern Warfare 2. You can check out our guides on the Best Shotgun and the Best SMG in COD MW2.

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