Genshin Impact: Best Kuki Shinobu Build

Learn about the Best Kuki Shinobu Build in Genshin Impact from this guide.

Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game where you play as a Traveler in the world of Tevyet and along the way you meet other characters along the way and welcome them into your party. One member you do not want to sleep on is Kuki Shinobu. She is an Electro Healer character in the game. Kuki Shinobu has been the best character in the game but after the 3.0 Update, she might become your must-pick. In this guide, I will show you the Best Kuki Shinobu Build in Genshin Impact.

Best Kuki Shinobu Build in Genshin Impact

best build kuki shinobu genshin impact

Kuki Shinobu is a 4-Star Electro Healer Character. As such, she excels in keeping the team alive. Although saying that, She hasn’t been the best character as compared to the 5-Star options. But in the Genshin 3.0 Update, she got an indirect Buff thanks to the introduction of Dendro. Characters like Dendro Traveler, Collei, & Tighnari have made Kuki Shinobu viable. As such, you will need to set her up to make the most use of her. Here is what you will need to make the best Kuki Shinobu Build in Genshin Impact.

  • Weapon:
    • The best option – Freedom-Sworn
    • Alternative – Iron Sting
  • Advanced Stats:
    • Elemental Mastery: Over 2500
  • Artifacts:
    • Gilded Dreams 2-piece Set & Wanderer’s Troupe 2-piece Set
    • Alternative Set – Thundering Fury Set
  • Sands of Eon:
    • Concert’s Final Hour – Elemental Mastery 187
  • Goblet of Eonothem:
    • Wanderer’s String-Kettle – Elemental Mastery 187
  • Circlet of Logos:
    • Broken Rime’s Echo – Elemental Mastery 187
  • Plume of Death:
    • Feather of Judgment – ATK 311
  • Flower of Life:
    • Dreaming Steelbloom – HP 4,780
  • Constellations:
    • Her To Cloister Compassion, To Forsaken Fortune, & To Sequester Sorrow Constellations, is a must if you want to bring the best out of her.

Summary of Hyperbloom-Kuki Build

Thanks to the introduction of Dendro & Hyperbloom, Kuki Shinobu has become an amazing Character to use. Her interactions with Dendro can dish out the damage that outperforms many 5-Star Characters. This is what you should run on Kuki but if you do not have these Weapons or Artifacts then try to increase her Elemental Mastery. Kuki Shinobu has average Damage output, her real power comes in her Elemental Reactions.

The more her Elemental Mastery is the better her Hyperbloom damage. Plus, Elemental Mastery also helps Kuki to do more healing with her Sanctifying Ring thanks to her 4th Constellation passive. To use Kuki Shinobu’s build effectively, you should run her with Characters like Sucrose, Dendro Traveler, & Xingqiu. You can replace Dendro Traveler & Xingqiu with better Dendro & Hydro Characters but Sucrose is a must as she perfectly supports Kuki’s build by providing her with more Elemental Mastery.

This was all about the Best Build for Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Best Collei Build in Genshin Impact.