Best Ixion Cheats To Use

Check out our guide for the best Ixion Cheats codes or console commands.

Ixion is a video game that revolves around City building and survival simulation by Bulwark Studios. You play as the Administrator in control of the mobile space station searching for a suitable planet since Earth is destroyed. As this interstellar-esque sci-fi game can be a bit difficult, you can cheat your way through. You can use various cheat codes, console commands, or hacks for an easier gameplay experience. But for that, you must use a cheat engine or trainer like WeMod. So, here is the complete list of the best Ixion Cheats.

Disclaimer: Note that using the Cheats codes and console commands from a third-party trainer or cheat engine can get you banned. We don’t support or endorse using cheats and suggest players proceed with their own risk.

Best Ixion Cheats to Use

ixion cheats

While there is no official cheat codes list for Ixion, you can use different cheat engines and trainers online. As the game is fully compatible with WeMod, here’s the list of all the cheats codes they offer:

Inventory Cheats

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Edit Ice
  • Edit Food
  • Edit Waste
  • Edit Carbon
  • Edit Silicon
  • Edit Iron
  • Edit Alloy
  • Edit Cryonic Pods
  • Edit Electronics
  • Edit Polymer
  • Edit Hydrogen

Stats Cheats

  • Unlimited Science
  • Unlimited Hull Integrity
  • 0 Power Consumption
  • Max Trust

Game Cheats

  • Builder Ignore Materials Required
  • Quick Building Construction
  • Quick Ship Construction
  • Quick Research
  • ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]
  • Stockpile Capacity Multiplier
  • Stockpile Transporter Count Modifier
  • Can Add Resources in Stockpile
  • Event Options Complete Instantly
  • Build Buildings Instantly
  • Disable Building Accidents
  • Disable Citizen Death
  • Disable Citizen Injury
  • Disable Citizen Starving
  • Disable Hull
  • Disable Trust
  • Ships Travel Instantly
  • Disable Ship Autonomy
  • Build Ships Instantly
  • Game Speed

In total, there are 36 Cheats Codes above that you can use through WeMod.

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