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Best io Games 2022 – Play Right Now!

Let's look at the best .io game sites in our top io Games List.

It might be interesting for some players to know that .io is the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) is an Internet top-level domain assigned and kept aside for British Indian Ocean Territory. But when the famous game ‘Agar.io‘ was supposed to release, all the top domain names were expensive. So as per a suggestion by a 4chan user, this name was chosen in this ccTLD. From there starts a lot list of devs who used this ccTLD for their own online games. Thus .io became famous for almost online games. Today we will look at the best .io game sites list featuring the top io games you should play.


Best .io Games 2022

Best .io Game Sites in Our Top io Games List

Here are the best io games to play on your browser with friends in 2022. This list of top .io games includes games of various genres that will keep you hooked.

  • Agar.io
  • Skribbl.io
  • Slither.io
  • Gartic.io
  • Krunker.io
  • 2048.io
  • Tetr.io
  • Wings.io


agar io best game site


Agar.io is most probably one of the most popular io multiplayer games out there. You start off as a blob/cell and you keep eating circles until you get bigger. Make sure to keep eating smaller blobs and getting big, while also avoiding getting eaten by massive circles. This game has multiple modes including a party mode which allows your friends to play in the same arena.


skribbl io


In Skribbl.io, you draw and the other players will guess what you are drawing. This is the classic draw and guess game format in io form. Choose one of the three options for the word that the game gives you and draw it as quickly as possible. When others draw, you have to guess the word. The faster you are, the more points you get.


gartic io games list


Speaking of draw-and-guess, here’s another io game that does it well. You can create a room with your friends and play a game based on your choice of topic. The options include Food, Flags, Objects, Minecraft, Animals and much more.


slither io

Similar to the concept of agar.io, in Slither.io, you start as a snake that needs to eat the glowing orbs and get bigger. Try not to get eaten by other snakes because it’s a brutal world out there!



If word guessing and eating blobs isn’t your idea of fun, you can try a shooter game. It’s a pixel-style shooter game that’s fast paced adn exciting. Players who are already skilled in FPS games will enjoy this one because you need quick movements, good aim and a winning strategy.



While playing 2048.io on the browser, players need to use the arrow keys to move the tiles. When 2 tiles with same number come in contact with each other, they will merge into one. The ultimate goal is to join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile.


tetris game

Fans of the classic Tetris can play it on browser in single player or multiplayer mode on Tetr.io. Choose to play it in zen mode or challenge yourself with a fast-paced game mode.



Last but not the least, Wings.io is where you can control your plane and shoot other players. Protect yourself by dodging at the right time and bring down your foes with your shooting skills.

More Games to Try

Here’s a list of all other good sites that you can check out (including single player and multiplayer io games):

  • zombsroyale.io
  • territorial.io
  • tankwars.io
  • starve.io
  • paper.io 3d
  • paper.io
  • paper.io 2
  • deeeep.io
  • aquapark.io
  • cardgames.io
  • venge.io
  • diep.io
  • warbot.io
  • gats.io
  • surviv.io
  • taming.io

Thant’s all about the best .io game sites in our list. While you are here, check out our Video Games Guides for more tips & tricks for all the latest popular games.