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How To Get The Best Hydroponics Layout In RimWorld

Read this guide to know how to get the best layout for Hydroponics in RimWorld.

Are you looking for the best Hydroponics layout in RimWorld? Then we have got you covered! RimWorld is a top-down indie game that takes players to a distant future wherein humans are spread across the universe and have to sustain themselves. One of the best ways to survive is to use Hydroponics effectively. They help in growing crops in areas that were otherwise highly infertile. If you want to know how to use the best setup, then keep reading!

How to Get the Best Hydroponics Layout in RimWorld

The best Hydroponics setup is actually pretty simple. You won’t need to be overly creative to achieve this. The image below describes the optimal layout for for Hydroponics in RimWorld:

hydroponics layout

If you notice, this setup includes one sun lamp and twenty-four hydroponic basins in all. While building this particular layout, you will have about 4 wasted spaces ultimately. You can fix this by adding pillars which will act as a base. Alternatively, you could also place four heaters in all corners as they will keep your crops warm and offer some sort of protection.

An important thing to remember while building this Hydroponics layout is that you should avoid constructing walls within the sun lamp’s range. Placing walls outside the range of the sun lamp will prevent the ceiling from collapsing and killing your colonists.

This exact Hydroponics layout will consume around 4580 Watts of power during the day and about 1680 Watts in the night. This setup would require either three Solar generators or one Geothermal generator and two Solar generators.

This is a highly organized Hydroponics system which can guarantee you success in this simulation game. Your colonists will be fed generously during the winter when supplies are very scarce.

That’s all you need to know about how to get the best Hydrophonics layout in RimWorld. If you liked reading this guide, then take a look at similar ones in our RimWorld section on Gamer Tweak.